Big Development -- Integrate your own design into your Jimdo-Page!

Starting now, you can use your own design for your Jimdo-Page. That means that you can not only personalize the content, but also the appearance, of your Page. Cool, huh?

In order to use this feature, all you need is basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Paste your code into "Layout">"own layout," integrate Jimdo elements like Sidebar, Navigation, etc. with a click, upload your layout photos - finished!

The integration of your own layout - unlike we stated earlier - is also available through JimdoFree. We simply decided to give everyone the opportunity to use their own design!

This development is somewhat complex - in this initial phase, small problems could emerge. We aren't even aware of any so it would be a great help if you could send us any mistakes you come across to our support team at support@jimdo.com! Thanks!


By the way, we're now the only website building platform world wide that allows you to integrate your own design. As you can tell, we're a little proud :) Now we're excited to see what designs you integrate into your Pages!
Pages to the People!
Your Jimdo Team

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    forestofdeanguitars (Tuesday, 10 March 2009 18:31)

    This is my first attempt to join-up some of my different activities and help those of you out there who might have questions about who we are and what we do. Please be patient as I try to build the web-site and please leave any appropriate feed back. Thoughts or questions about anything 'guitar' related is most welcome . . .

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    bellasartes (Saturday, 03 October 2009 08:48)

    Thanks a lot for the clear info. It's marvelous! I know that I have much to learn but in this place it seems very easy. Again: Thanks for All!!! AJACUEVA...