Big Update: you're now able to add your friends, send messages and follow the newsfeed of your friends

Dear Jimdo-Fans,

we have just released social features such as adding friends, sending messages and keeping track of friends’ newsfeeds within Jimdo. These features will hopefully help you a lot to make your Jimdo-Page a lot more interactive. You can see in the video down below how the new features work.

Since we launched Jimdo last year we had a clear vision of how the Jimdo-Page should develop. We wanted to enable you to create your own place on the net, a place where you can determine what you want to publish, what your page looks like, and who can access what information.
But it should also be a place where you could interact with your friends and family.

Up to know, you already had the possibility to create your own website. This release now is the first one that is going to make it way easier to communicate with your audience - you're able to connect as friends, send messages and even follow the updates of your friends pages via the newsfeed.

We hope that you'll enjoy the new features - what do you think of them?

Pages to the People,
your Jimdo-Team

The new Features

Quick Start.

  1. Visit any existing Jimdo-Page i.e. and click on "add as friend". Now go back to your Page, log in and check out the button "Friends" on the right side. If the person has accepted your friendship he or she will appear here. Make sure to try all new features under "Friends"!
  2. Integrate the new Jimdo-Element into your Page. Just log into your Page, add the new Jimdo-Element and i.e. make your newsfeed public.
  3. Search for new friends in the Pages-Directory.

The new Jimdo element
With the new Jimdo-element you can easily show who you're friends with,  add the "add as a friend" link (especially useful for JimdoPro users because they don't have the sidebar) or make your newsfeed public.

Check out page where we've come up with some examples

  • Here're all our friends.
  • Here we're displaying our newsfeed.
  • In addition, we've also integrated the "add as friend" button on our front page. Try it out and be friends with us :)


Friends and Messages.
If you log into your Page, you'll see the two additional buttons "Friends" and "Messages".

If you click on Friends, you can see who you're friends with check the friends of the friends,

check the newsfeed of your friends and - be sure to try everything!

The Newsfeed.
Sounds complicated but it's not. Everytime you change your Page, i.e. upload new pictures your newsfeed will be updated. All friends and visitors of your Page will automatically know what you changed - which makes it way easier for them. You can easily make your newsfeed public with the above described Jimdo-Element, your friends can also subscribe to it as an RSS-Feed or your Friends can check it via their "Friends" button when they're logged into their Jimdo-Page.

Don't want anything of that?
No problem: Jimdo is the easiest way to create your own free website - and if you don't want to use the social features, just deactivate them at "Jimdo-Account" and "Privacy".

How do you like the new features? We'd really appreciate your feedback in our forum or directly to We're developing Jimdo to give you a first class product - and it's always good to know if we're on the right track.


But now, go ahead and add us as a friend:! :)

Pages to the People,
your Jimdo-Team

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    ponymadness (Saturday, 30 April 2011 00:51)

    I can't find my friend. What do i do?