Find new Jimdo friends and invite all your friends to Jimdo!


Would you like to find new friends at Jimdo? Or would you like to find out which friends are already Jimdo users? From today on it's very easy to find it out. Afterwards, you can easily invite those of your friends who are missing to Jimdo and so expand your network.

That's how it works

Invite friends


1. Log in to your Jimdo Page and click on "Friends" in the menu - now you'll see the two buttons "Invite friends" and "Search friends".


2. Click on "Invite friends" and type in your log-in data of your E-Mail provider.

Please note: Of course, your password and all the other data will NOT be stored! All data are used for the non-recurring readout of your address book only.


3. After the read out you can see a list of which friends are already Jimdo users and you can add him as a friend at once! Then you can invite those who are still missing at Jimdo and send them a personal invitation via a Jimdo form. Now, you are all brought together :)



Please note! You can import your address book of the following providers:

Search friends


You can also search for a single friend - just type in his or her E-Mail address or name. Then you can see whether he or she is on or not and add or invite him/her at once!




Have fun with your friends - find them and get connected :)

If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team and write them an E-Mail to


All the best,

Your Jimdo Team