Blog Beta successfully started


Wow, we're absolutely overwhelmed! So many of you signed up for the Blog Beta and are now busy building up their blogs. Your feedback is just awsome, thank you so much! We almost can't keep up with answering your mails and comments.. :)

We continue to work on the blog features and already finished the technology for the categories. Now, we're working on the surface so that you'll be able to use it...


Furthermore, we added the following features to our list:

  • Post new blog articles to Technorati
  • Add widgets of blog articles to, mr. wong, webnews etc.
  • Teaser image: changing the size

We'll keep you in the loop - thank you so much for your support!


Spring and Fridel,

Jimdo Team

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    s0enke (Friday, 30 May 2008 15:34)

    I find it super!

  • #2

    wesley (Sunday, 01 June 2008 00:16)

    hello and welcom to my web site i hope you have fun

  • #3

    jjz1974 (Tuesday, 03 June 2008 09:10)

    I don't know if there is length limit of every blog article.

  • #4

    jjz1974 (Tuesday, 03 June 2008 09:11)

    I like jimdo blog.

  • #5

    centroisi (Saturday, 06 September 2008 23:46)

    Can't seem to be able to display the blog beta on any of my pages. Hmm