New anti-spam protection for your contact forms

We all know this: Almost every day our email accounts are overflowed with spam mails... it's just annoying! And contact forms can be affected, too - unless you put some obstacles in the spammer's way: Captchas! Captchas are little tasks that can usually be solved easily by humans, but not by computers. So if the correct solution is entered, it is presumed that the user was human.


Since we received many questions concerning anti-spam protection recently, we decided to create a little Captcha for your contact forms that should preserve you from spam mails. However, since Captchas rely on visual perception, they offer only limited web accessibility. Users who are unable to view Captchas won't be able to perform the task. That is why you can decide when integrating a new contact form if you want to deactivate the anti-spam protection and offer full accessibility for your website (important for official websites of public authorities) or if you activate the anti-spam protection and get rid off spam mails.


Let us know what you think about it - does it work for you? Those who want to learn more about Captchas can look it up on


That's what the picture looks like below the contact form. If you want to write someone a note via contact form, just type in the displayed code (no need for case sensitivity) and submit. Should the code be unreadable, just refresh it and a new code is generated.


We're looking forward to your feedback - we'd be glad if you let us know if the Captcha helps you to get rid off spam mails... :)


Best regards,

Your Jimdo Team

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    Bill Masson (Friday, 29 August 2008 15:00)

    Since you implimented this captcha it has made a marked improvement for me and cut off all the junk mail,, Keep up the good work
    When is your blogging platform coming out???

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    kjh (Friday, 19 November 2010 00:08)