Your most wanted Jimdo feature


At the beginning of July, we asked you to vote for the next Jimdo feature in our forum. As a little reminder - you could vote for one of the following features:

  • Restore/backup
  • Own forum
  • Poll
  • Music player
  • Counter
  • Customizable fields for your contact forms
  • Continuously adjustable image sizes
  • Flash banners

The poll was finally closed on September 1st. Actually, it was a nip-and-tuck race between "Restore/backup" and "Own forum". It was so close that, summing up the votes of the English and the German forum, the score was even.

...and the winner is...

We thought about how to solve this stand-off and decided to develop "Restore/backup" as the next Jimdo feature. We really think that this is very useful and might be a great help after deleting something accidentally. Since it is a quite complicated process to develop such a feature, we won't be able to release it tomorrow :) But don't worry, we're working on it!


Those who voted for the own forum: Don't be disappointed! There are other ways to integrate a forum into your website! Several providers offer forum widgets for free - so it's not impossible!


So, thank you all for voting! The winners of the JimdoPro packages will be informed by email! Congratulations to you!


Best regards,

Your Jimdo Team

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    tcbikingnews (Thursday, 18 September 2008 06:09)

    Hi Jimdo -- Could I suggest that questions posted on the forum be reviewed and responded to once in awhile, even if the response is, "we can't help you?" I have an RSS feed question on the forum and sent via email to the "help" contact link - both are many days old - and I have not had a response to either. Other posts on the forum have gone unanswered for weeks.

    Not trying to be difficult, and I don't expect an immediate response to forum posts, particularly given we are on different continents. Still, some response within a reasonable time-frame would be appreciated.

    Thanks much!

  • #2

    stephen (Friday, 19 September 2008 14:10)

    keep the good work up,love your sites

  • #3

    ro (Sunday, 21 September 2008 12:57)

    very good!

  • #4

    Was (Sunday, 21 September 2008 17:59)

    Great Blog..

  • #5

    ivanagudelo (Tuesday, 23 September 2008 04:36)

    hi, tigers great congratulations to the Jimdo work group.

    I like to represent Jimdo pages to the people in L.A.

    I wait for instructions



  • #6

    Matthias Henze (Thursday, 25 September 2008 10:36)

    @tcbikingnews thanks for pointing it out, we're aware of the problem and are just in the hiring process for more support! It's our main goal to offer first class support. By the way, we've improved significantly in getting back via e-amil so your mails should have been answered by now, correct?

  • #7

    alex (Wednesday, 01 October 2008 19:55)

    thank you for telling me and i think it is a really good ider

  • #8

    Shane (Monday, 15 December 2008 06:20)

    Can you create a feature that allows us to export our website html via download and/or zip?

  • #9

    violine (Thursday, 18 December 2008 11:32)


    No, we currently don't plan such a feature.

  • #10

    froschkoenig (Thursday, 05 February 2009 17:50)

    Hi there..
    really enjoyed your work up to now.. I just found the Blog-Feature and am now looking for a way to write new blog articles on the road - maybe using an email written on a mobile-phone? Is there something like that available?

  • #11

    Powen (Thursday, 05 February 2009 20:52)


    There's not currently a way to update while on the road. Since the blog is created as series of elements, it'd be pretty hard to create by email. But who knows what may come down the road... a little bit further down the road than we can see right now!