The new E-Mail Management is online

Good news for all JimdoPro users! As you know as JimdoPro user, an own email account and three redirection addresses (so-called aliases) are components of our service package JimdoPro - and from now on, you can set up your e-mail account easily by yourself - in only few steps!


In our Wiki, the Jimdo Help Section, you'll find detailed instructions and tips how to set up your email account quickly and easily. Don't worry, the article might look a bit complex at the first sight, but it's really not difficult. If you have any questions while setting up your e-mail account, you can of course write us an email to support@jimdo.com.


All the best,

Your Jimdo Team


1st step: Click on "e-mail" under "Settings" while you're logged in. Then set up your e-mail account step by step!
1st step: Click on "e-mail" under "Settings" while you're logged in. Then set up your e-mail account step by step!

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    don (Saturday, 15 November 2008 15:46)

    I'm somewhat new to all this. How or why does someone need redirection accounts? For instance, would I set up a redirection account if I didn't want to use the Webmail system, but rather my own gmail or aol account?

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    diana (Thursday, 11 December 2008 23:24)


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    Steffi Grunwald (Tuesday, 16 December 2008 16:24)

    Hi Don,

    our redirection addresses are simple forwarders that you can set up in case you don't need an account with its own storage space. That might be because you need an address customers or visitors can contact you with but you don't need it to send emails with, or because you only want to have one email account all emails should flow into. (Nothing more annoying than checking dozens of different accounts for new mails...)

    As an example:

    You've created a business website selling goods. Now you need an account to manage all your in- and outgoing emails and you choose info@domain.com. However, there are lots of different things to sort, for example incoming orders and invoices. Since you just need the address and nothing else you could install sales@domain.com as a forwarder to info@domain.com.

    All the best,