The new Jimdo Site-Admin is online!

All Jimdo-Users are familiar with it: the bar on the right hand side of your Jimdo-Page that always appears in editing mode. Here you can set your layout and font image, edit your Jimdo-Friends and work on general settings - in short: you construct the basic framework through the Site-Admin!

Now, the Site-Admin comes along with a completely new look! You can construct or change your basic framework even faster and more stable and get a better arranged overview, starting now!

An overview of the most important changes

At first glance you will notice the entirely new design and also the change of structure - but don't worry about any of these changes, you will find everything as easy and logically set up as you know your Jimdo. Soon you might neither remember nor miss the "former" look. :)

Along with the design for all menu points within the Site-Admin, this is new too: You can pull out the menu point of the Site-Admin that you're working on (e.g. Layout) to make it as large or small as you like. All depending on how much you would like to see at once. In addition, you can open and close the Admin completely, too.

The menu point "settings" - an overview
The menu point "settings" - an overview

1. Settings = is now "Settings" and "Jimdo Account" all in one!

The menu point "Jimdo Account" does not exist anymore. Partially this separation of "Settings" and "Jimdo Account" has caused slight confusion, therefore all formerly separated menu sub points are now gathered under the new "Settings". From now on, this is where you can manage your e-mail and domains, work on your user and blog settings along with many more functions...

Another very important change: Anyone wanting to upgrade to "JimdoPro" should look for "Upgrade" within the new Site-Admin for this has become its own menu point.

As you can see, you can pull out the menu of the Site Admin
As you can see, you can pull out the menu of the Site Admin

2. Layout and Style

Under "Style" you used to be able to only change the font image for your entire Jimdo-Page. This is a bit different now: in our opinion "Style" does not only include the font - from now on, background image and background pattern for your Jimdo-Page can be selected under "Style" as well.

Now, because of that, "Layout" simply means "layout only". :) Of course you can still choose between standard layouts, special layouts and your own layout for HTML- and CSS-experts!


As always, we're looking forward to hear your opinions on this! Do your like the new Site-Admin? Everything clearly arranged? Are there any questions, comments, suggestions...? Let it out, give us your feedback right here in this blog or write us an e-mail to support@jimdo.com!


Your Jimdo Team


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    thehour (Wednesday, 26 November 2008 13:59)

    nice upgrade

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    mert moritz lorenz benni (Tuesday, 09 December 2008 18:57)

    wir sind cool
    unser hompage rockt

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    coo;l (Wednesday, 17 December 2008 20:37)


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    legalizati-marijuana (Wednesday, 28 January 2009 01:52)


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    wweinfozone (Sunday, 14 June 2009 16:10)

    naja die layouts die hier zu sehen sind
    ganz cool, aber keine hier passen zu
    wrestling (wwe).
    kann jemand jimdo fragen ob die wwe (wrestling) layouts
    machen können???
    danke im voraus