The big Jimdo photo contest - Thanks for submitting your photos!


After a couple of weeks and thousands of phantastic submitted photos, the entry deadline for the big Jimdo photo contest passed yesterday.


We're really kind of overwhelmed - thank you so much for submitting such great photos from all over the world! Now it's our (very hard) part to choose the best images and to present them to you for the voting! Of course, we do our best to choose the best photos within the shortest period of time! And soon, you're welcome to vote for your favorite picture!


Unfortunately, we cannot show you any of the pictures yet - but we'll let you know as soon (as possible) as the time for the voting has come! :)

Best regards,

Your Jimdo Team


P.S. Need more information about the photo contest? Please click here!

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    clavering (Monday, 12 January 2009 17:02)

    I have just missed the entry date and you know I have a great photo.

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    laurentphoto (Monday, 20 April 2009 02:37)

    me too