Birthday New Feature & Quiz Follow-Up

We've got fun news and not-so-good news. The fun news is about the new feature released for Jimdo's birthday -- read about it at the bottom. The not-so-good news is about the t-shirts for the quiz-takers... read about that right below. We'll get it out of the way first.

Birthday Quiz

Sadly... very sadly... no one answered all the questions on the quiz correctly! Here's a review of the correct answers:

  1. Jimdo launched 3 years ago on February 19, 2007
  2. There are now over 2 million JimdoPages
  3. One of Jimdo's founders is named Fridtjof Detzner
  4. The Jimdo system was originally developed on a farmhouse in Cuxhaven, Germany
  5. Features available for JimdoPro but not JimdoFree:
    1. Hide login link
    2. your own domain name
    3. 5GB Storage (not 3GB)
    4. 5 password-protected areas (not just 1)
  6. You can change the color of links in the Style section
  7. A favicon is an icon for a website that appears when you visit it
  8. When adding an element, the first one that appears is heading
  9. There are 35 special layouts available for regular Jimdo sites
  10. We hope you got this one right -- the best free website creator in the world is Jimdo!
  11. There were (at the time of the quiz) 36 Jimdo team members around the world
  12. The company's name is a compound word from "Jim" and just "do" it
  13. Virgule is wearing a Jimdo t-shirt on the team page
  14. What's the new feature? Read on to the next section!

New Birthday Feature

Most of you got this right on the birthday quiz! The new feature for Jimdo's 3rd birthday is a custom background! Now if you log in and go to the Style section, you can click on the new custom background section and upload your own image! Don't forget to choose whether the image should be tiled (repeated) horizontally and/or vertically.

Don't have any background images of your own at the moment? Not to worry, we've found a few places where you can look. But remember to check the copyright/use licenses:

Enjoy! (and here are some examples of sites with custom backgrounds)

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