JimdoBusiness Price Increase on March 9, 2010

Buy Me Now!
Buy Me Now!


An important announcement: if you've been thinking about upgrading your JimdoPage to JimdoBusiness, take the leap! Starting Tuesday, March 9, 2010, JimdoBusiness is available at the new price only. Check here for an overview of all prices and features for the different Jimdo versions.


Current JimdoBusiness users: don't worry, this doesn't affect you. It only applies to *new* sites that are purchased after Tuesday. If you upgrade to JimdoBusiness before March 9th, then you can continue to enjoy the old price! And of course, when you renew, you'll renew at the old price. In short: you keep the price you started with!

If you've ever thought you might want to upgrade to JimdoBusiness (for the domains, the email accounts, the additional storage -- there are lots of reasons!) now is definitely the time to do it.


Not sure if you want to upgrade? Take a peek at all that JimdoBusiness offers.

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    citro (Tuesday, 18 May 2010 22:41)

    Hello !

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    zain (Saturday, 05 June 2010 15:05)

    Hello !! I am using jimdo Business and am happy for your choices... as I will go on the old price... hehe ........ JIMDo ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!