Store Update! International Shipping Settings

Dear Online Store owners,

We're continually updating and improving the new online store module  - especially because of your feedback and suggestions! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us - please keep it up - and THANK YOU to so many of you who have set up online stores. In the last few weeks, over 6,500 of you have started using the Jimdo Online Store to power your shops!

This first update mostly improves the settings concerning international shipping - and it's already live, so log in and check it out!

What's in the update?



  • Your could only set "standard" or "international" shipping.


  • Choose the specific countries, regions, or even continents, where you want to ship your products.
  • When a customer buys from your store, they'll be able to see if you ship to their country - either through the shipping details page or when filling out the delivery address during checkout.


  • Even prices in whole units of currency will be displayed two places after the decimal point (or comma) e.g. $29.00 or 30,00 €
  • All prices will be shown including the currency's three letter acronym. For example, Euro = EUR, U.S. Dollars = USD, Swiss Francs = CHF.

Great, right? This is how the international shipping settings work:


Log into your JimdoPage and open the Settings in the SiteAdmin toolbar. In the store section, you'll see a new button, "Countries" (see the screenshot above). Click on it to set up shipping for different regions/continents or specific countries. You'll see the view in the screenshot below. To select countries in North America (like in the example) where you want to ship to, click on "edit".


This is how you can select the regions to which you want to ship. If you are willing to ship everywhere, just click on "worldwide shipping". Don't forget to click save when you're finished selecting the countries or regions - otherwise your selections won't be retained!

What your customers see while ordering:

Not enabled yet for all stores, but coming soon!
Not enabled yet for all stores, but coming soon!

Your customers will see the list of countries which you have selected by clicking on the shipping detail link under the product price (this link doesn't always appear, depending on your country. We're working out the kinks on this!). This way, your potential customers can see which countries you ship to and how much the shipping charges are, before they order.


What happens if customers don't check out the link? Not a problem! When they are filling out the address in the checkout, they'll be limited to a drop-down list of countries you selected (see below). We recommend that you make a note on your store elsewhere (in the footer or sidebar, for example) about your shipping policies so that your customers know ahead of time.

Pretty useful, right?


Well, that's it for this store feature update. We hope it makes selling and buying easier for you and your customers!


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