Extended: Jimdo Online Store Sales Fee Waiver

Great news for all JimdoFree and JimdoPro users who are running stores on their websites. The sales fee that was originally set to apply starting July 1, 2010 is being postponed. We're extending the fee-free period by 3 more months!

Starting October 1st of this year we'll be introducing the sales fee for items sold from stores on JimdoPro (5%) and JimdoFree (10%) sites. If you have a JimdoBusiness site, there's no change for you: there's no sales fee for JimdoBusiness stores.

We wish you a successful (and lucrative) summer!

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    mikel305 (Friday, 25 June 2010 09:51)

    thats really awesome, thanks

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    michellebryant (Friday, 25 June 2010 23:42)

    hi guys thank you for doing a great job.