Don't Miss It: Jimdo's Search Engine Optimization Guide now online

Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more -- search engines are a perennially popular topic around here. One of the most common questions our support team gets is "how can I make my page easier to find in search engines?"

JimdoPages are search-engine optimized from the get-go, that means from Day 1, you're starting off with the best foundation for good ranking with Google. We've put together some tips for you to make some additional efforts and increase the chances for your site to rank highly.

Don't worry, you don't need to be an SEO expert in order to follow our suggestions. Most of the changes and tweaks you can make it directly on your JimdoPage and there are also general explanations about SEO.


Click here to jump to our SEO tips (also available as a download below)


We hope that our suggestions and explanations help you -- give them a try, it'll be worth it! We'd love to hear feedback, suggestions for improvements, and ideas. And just one note: although we did our research when putting together this guide, and we know from experience that it should help you increase your search engine rankings, there's no guarantee. But that's life and the internet!

The guide also just scratches the surface of the vast wealth of information available about optimizing your site for search engines. For example, take a few minutes to watch SEOMoz's "SEO 101" video embedded below.

SEO 101 Video

SEOmoz - SEO Software
Jimdo's Guide to Search Engine Optimization
Also available at http://www.jimdo.com/seo
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    Oh Jimdo team, you have made me very proud of your Jimdo job.I share it with many people who also have jimdo webpages now.It is fantastic to add information on the web even photos.Keep it up.Well done

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