December 7th - Keep Your Head Warm with Beanies from Wahine

It's said that when it's cold out, you lose the most body heat from your head -- so when winter comes calling, cover up your brain! You don't want those important thinking parts to freeze :-)


Of course, the best cover for your head is one that adds to your style -- which is where headbands and beanies from Beanie Wahine come in!

100% Organic - Handmade in Switzerland

Wool and love are the only things you'll find in these beautiful beanies and headbands handmade in Switzerland. For the environmentally aware: they're produced almost entirely by hand (no electricity), only the label requires a sewing machine.

So it's with pleasure that we, together with the good folks from beanie wahine, present three beanies and three headbands for today's holiday blog surprise. We hope they'll bring a little bit of color and life into the gray winter days!


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    Brian (Wednesday, 08 December 2010 08:35)

    Nice collection you have on offer.
    I can imagine my granddaughter in one