December 9th - Handmade Designer Brooches from Italy

Elena Salmistraro is a young designer (and Jimdo user!) from Milan, and thanks to her contribution, we have yet another special giveaway for Jimdo's holiday blog. Today's gifts five elegant brooches in the shape of lotus flowers made by hand from Jacrocki.

Jacrocki is a special patented material, created by the company Okinawa. It's an ecologically-friendly material, composed of approximately 80% cellulose which is then mixed with recycled paper pulp and latex. it's stable, durable, flexible, so you can be sure your brooches will last! The brooches are about 2"-3" in diameter and can even be washed!


You can find more of Elena's creations on her website and on her brand Alla's site. Feel free to take a peek through her other work!

How to Win

As usual there are two ways to win:

  • Leave a comment on the blog, tell us how you'll use the brooch!
  • Retweet the daily tweet (don't miss it, follow Jimdo on Twitter)


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    Costantino Paradiso (Friday, 10 December 2010 10:58)

    Finemente realizzato e piacevole da vedersi.Saluti.Costantino Paradiso,Italy,Rome.

  • #2

    baddaddy (Friday, 10 December 2010 11:43)

    ... gift to my son : june, he loves origami and like that.... From S.Korea

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    Coach Outlet (Wednesday, 12 January 2011 03:24)

    Oh I do hope to visit some day! What a great place to work!

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    Kourosh Mahdavi (Thursday, 13 January 2011 20:25)

    I try to save my money to buy Jimdo pro :)

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    Kourosh Mahdavi (Thursday, 13 January 2011 20:30)

    oh so sorry! I think just say about jimdo!

    that's very nice but I think if them be smaller is better.