December 11th - Pimp Your Bike


Congratulations to Philippe Ousset (@ph_o)!

It's a particularly special day today in the holiday blog. There's something for the avid bike riders among you... or those wanting to get back in the habit of riding (maybe a new resolution for 2011?) - and want to do it in style!


With our friends at Rad & Tour Cuxhaven, we are giving away a designer bike seat, one with real titanium! The Selle An-Atomica is the first waterproof leather seat to go to market. Each one is handemade in Wisconsin, USA. It's the product of many years of research and development - ergonomic perfection and your comfort are the result.


Important: Each Titanico Watershed Seat has two versions: one for riders below 180 lbs and one for those above 180 lbs. Cheating won't work here -- if you don't have the right version, you won't get the full effect of the advanced technology. Don't worry -- both versions look exactly the same.


If you're the lucky winner, we'll get in touch with you so you can pick the color of your seat and let us know which version you need. 


How to Win

  • Leave a comment on this blogpost -- do you bike to work? Or are you more of an off-road type?
  • Retweet the daily tweet


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  • #1

    andred584 (Saturday, 11 December 2010 22:06)

    I love to do bicycle.....sometimes to go to work but mostly after work (every days, sun or rain)and on week-end. I have an old mountain bike who need a new seat. My weight, exactly 180 I will weight over 180 after the holidays???

    Thanks Jimdo and Rad & Tour Cuxhaven

    happy holidays to all of you...


  • #2

    carolinalaterza (Sunday, 12 December 2010 14:45)

    well, as i work so close to my house, i'm used to ride for studying.

    it's not easy to ride in sao paulo, specially because the drivers don't respect cyclists.

  • #3

    Jacek Stec (Sunday, 12 December 2010 16:49)

    Awesome seats! Especially the yellow one! The pink one would perfectly suit Paris Hilton;) Seriously-that seat would match my Merida Fireball full suspension bike so I wanna win;) Then -I hope- my ass would stop be so painful after a couple of hours of riding;)

  • #4

    asifsohan (Monday, 13 December 2010 06:11)

    i love bicycle.......and the black is so nice...

  • #5

    lostdogcoffee (Tuesday, 14 December 2010 13:23)

    I think I would like the brown one. It would look fine on my litespeed. Gimme Gimme