December 19th - Bobsmade Box Full of Amazingness


Congratulations to!

Ok, we might be repeating ourselves a little but it's the case again that we'd like to keep today's giveaway for ourselves. But again, we won't do that of course! :-)

Thanks to one of our fav sites Bobsmade, we're giving away an exciting package of goodies... it's really a Box Full of Amazingness! The package includes buttons, stickers, a watch, glasses, AND a bag. Lots of fun prizes to bring some extra cheer to your December!

The "Amazingness" should speak for itself, so check out the pictures to see what could be yours!

How to Win

For a chance to win...

  • Leave a comment on this blog post. Don't forget to enter your website or note another for us to contact you if you get picked.
  • You can also retweet today's tweet from Jimdo's Twitter account


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  • #1

    tobias (Sunday, 19 December 2010 20:28)

    This box looks truly amazing, so I would love to win it!!!

  • #2

    Johan Palacio (Sunday, 19 December 2010 22:07)

    Love the website! I've been browsing that site for a while now. Really admire the artists behind it, and this box looks really cool. I'd love to have it.

  • #3

    autolife (Monday, 20 December 2010 15:54)

    Bobsmade is cool!

  • #4

    Borges (Monday, 20 December 2010 17:54)

    good ideas jimdo!!! great promotions!!! u guys are doing ur job!!!