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A few weeks ago, we asked you for your stories - and you answered! Dear Jimdo users, we're so excited that so many of you have funny, crazy, awesome, and beautiful stories about your websites to share with us. Thanks for writing them down and sending them in to us!

Sadly, we couldn't fit all your stories into today's blog post, but we've decided something even better! We're going to keep collecting your stories, and every so often we'll post new stories from you in our "stories" category. Keep submitting your stories!

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, here are today's tales. Sit back, relax, and enjoy reading about your fellow Jimdo users'!

The Story of

Why did you create your website?
7 months ago, my son gave me the PC he wasn't using anymore. I started a blog first and introduced my calligraphy work there. That created the opportunity to create T-shirts with my art and I started to think about introducing my work on a website.

What’s your special story?
However, I faced a hard reality. I bought so many tutorial books and studied about making websites. But creating website was much harder than I expected. I was really set on introducing my t-shirts on a website, and so I found Jimdo. What an easy website creator! I took photos everyday and uploaded them to website, and yes, I could add a shopping cart! Beyond t-shirts, I started to introduce some Asian goods too. Just only 7 month, I become the website and web shopping owner. I went Indonesia to study displaying Asian goods, and now I’m planning to go Vietnam. I also go to language school for that. Who though I would be like this one year ago?

At the end of last year, I contracted with some cafes and started to introduce and sell my work there. My website was found through a search engine and introduced by a TV show! I was an ordinary housewife, but my life was completely changed by the Internet and Jimdo. Thank you so much, Jimdo!


The Story of Paul -

Paul's story takes place in Quebec, Canada. Over two years ago, Paul created his website in order to share his research about his ancestor Lucien Comettant (governor of Anticosti Island in Canada around 1900). One of Lucien Comettant's was composing music. Paul had the original scores at home and decided to show them on his website.


One day Paul was listening to the radio and happened to catch a history program. The historian was talking about Paul's website and explaining that visitors could see the original score for the famous French lullaby "Do do l'enfant Do, l'enfant dormira bientot." To Paul's great surprise, the composer of this well-known children's song was none other than his own grandfather, Lucien Comettant. With Jimdo, Paul would have never known what a treasure he had!


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  • #1

    Syed Muhammad Anas Iqbal (Friday, 11 March 2011 07:57)

    I Create My Web Site for my Personal Useage And For all of my friends.i want to share everything which i have learn .

  • #2

    Daniel Cooney (Friday, 11 March 2011 19:11)

    I created the web site to be able to spread the word about the amazing hand-crafted French spirits we import and distribute to the Uniited States. The format is easy to use and the folks at Jimdo are fantastic.

  • #3

    NES (Saturday, 12 March 2011 22:23)

    i created my page to share my art, wich i learned on the streets of mexico city!!!
    and now i found a way to share by designing handpainted shoes, tshirt, bags and other accessories that people want.!!!
    thank u jimdo .. u made it easier for me hohohho!!!

  • #4

    Vera Creutz (Monday, 14 March 2011 18:08)

    Dries, immer englisch, kann mir das jemand mal übersetzen?

  • #5

    Powen (Monday, 14 March 2011 18:39)

    Vera, es gibt einen ganzen Blog von Jimdo auf Deutsch, den findest du hier:

  • #6

    storagestuf (Saturday, 25 June 2011 15:48)

    eh, ape kau cakap da...

  • #7

    storagestuf (Saturday, 25 June 2011 15:54)

    anyway thanks alot to coz make this site easier to me to expose my self to be to as what as my web page look says

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