Fast Food Hackathon - Snack on these Updates

You're probably asking yourself, what's a hackathon? Hackathons are awesome! As you might guess, it comes programmer and hacker slang, and it just means a bunch of developers getting together and focusing on a few ideas or projects over the period of a few days. It's the combination of "hacking" and a "marathon". If you want to find out more, check out the Wikipedia entry on hackathons.


At Jimdo, this is how a hackathon works:

We collect suggestions from our users (from you!), small bugs turning up in the system, and our own ideas. When we set the dates for a hackathon, we decide together what gets implemented. Most of the time, we pick small, concrete ideas that can be done quickly (as opposed to the myriad requests for online store features which can't be resolved in a hackathon, as it turns out).


Before we introduce the latest updates we made to Jimdo in the last hackathon, take a look behind the scenes with our tongue-in-cheek hackathon video:


New Features and Improvements

  • Heading 3 has been activated for all users!

Starting today, you can use three different heading styles on your JimdoPages. It's another way to make your site look great and to highlight different sections, plus it's helpful for search engines. On that note, make sure you use heading 1 just once (the most important one), and then use heading 2 and 3 for the rest.

  • Use Italics in Headings

In all headings (1, 2, and now 3!) you can now choose italicizing as one of the style options. We got this request a lot, and now you can do it! Set your headlines, headings, and titles in italics, go for it!

  • Deleting? Know what you're getting rid of! 

This has probably happened to you once or twice! You're deleting elements on your JimdoPage, and before you know it you've accidentally deleted the wrong one! To help you make sure this doesn't happen, we've set up small warning -- the element you're deleting will get a red frame or background in addition to the regular pop-up asking if you really want to delete it. You'll be able to see exactly what element you're deleting, and decide "Yes, delete" or "No, don't delete!" :)

  • Linking from Image Galleries

Yikes! We're a little embarrassed about this... looks like we forgot the "remove link" button in the image galleries! Now that we've caught that omission, the button's in the interface right now. You can now remove -- as you should -- links as easily as you add them.

  • Search engines rejoice! Canonical URL Tags now automatically included for each page.

Ready, aim, oops! Canonical URLs don't have anything to do with canons. They're a search engine optimization. It means that by declaring what the official (canonical) URL for a page is, you can avoid being dinged for duplicate content by search engines.


How would your website have duplicate content? I a page is accessible via multiple URLs -- with or without www at the beginning; through tracking campaigns you're running; with a final / or not; etc. -- search engines see these as different pages. Now JimdoPages declare their canonical URL, so you don't have to worry about duplicate content!


Interested in learning more? Read up about canonical URL tags on SEOMoz.


Blog post by Powen Shiah (US Country Manager)

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