#JimdoRoadTrip - Salem, Corvallis, Eugene, Chico 2.0, Sacramento

Salem, Oregon

In front of the Capitol in Salem
In front of the Capitol in Salem

We couldn't drive through Oregon with stopping in the state's capitol -- so the Jimdo road trip team headed from Portland to Salem, where we spent a Monday morning.


In addition to visiting the SBDC and Chamber of Commerce (read more about those in the previous road trip blog post), we chatted with Tim Fahndrich of The Third River, a local Salem web design shop.

At McDonald's
At McDonald's

No trip through America would be complete without going to at least one McDonald's -- so here we are, enjoying fruit smoothies and ice cream sundaes.

Meeting a Jimdo User - Shaun Brady!

Our road trip was a little spontaneous, so when we put out the call to users in northern California and Oregon along our planned route, we knew that many of them would be busy or have plans already. Lucky for us, Shaun Brady was back visiting his hometown Salem right when we were passing through! Shaun currently lives in Japan, where he's teaching English. He heard about Jimdo from Danny Choo, a popular Japanese expat culture blogger. When the time came to start his own website, Jimdo was there!

Back in Chico

As we made our way back toward San Francisco, we decided to go to Chico again. Besides being a pretty cool city, we decided to accept Kent Hinesley's invitation to attend Chico's Internet Advertiser meetup. There was a great turnout -- about 20 people from all sorts of different backgrounds -- launching new businesses, SEO experts, social media specialists, and more. They were nice enough to let these out-of-towners spend 10 minutes demonstrating Jimdo. Guess what? They voted us the best tool of the meeting! We won a $20 gift certificate to Left Coast Pizza (where the meeting was being held), and we promptly spent that on pizza and beer ;-)


We couldn't leave Chico without saying hi to our new friends at Trails Ventures. We peeked into their office and got to see the new graffiti mural going up on a wall there. Watch out for the shark!

P.S. I promised Rick Hubbard I'd post his picture with Christian -- it's in the gallery above.


More Photos from Salem, Corvallis, Eugene, & Sacramento

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