Store News: Export Orders to CSV

As you know, we're always working on developing new features and improving existing ones. We're pleased to announce that we've just released a new feature for the Jimdo online store: starting today, you can export and download all your order information as a CSV file.


The advantages:

  • Lots of store users asked us for an automated invoice generator. As it turns out, setting this up is a larger project, but having a good export of your order data is the first step.
  • Once you've got the spreadsheet, it's just a short jump to a text document (try the mail merge functions of Word or OpenOffice) that you're probably already using for your invoices.
  • You have choices: you can export all of your order data at one time, or you can choose to limit it by date or order number if you just need the order info from a specific subset.

How It Works

First of all, exporting your order data only works if you already have orders in your online store. In order to export your orders, log into your JimdoPage and click on the store button (with the shopping cart symbol) in the SiteAdmin on the right. Then click on the button "Export Orders" button and choose which orders you would like to export: all of them, those during a specific time period, or based on the order number. Sounds good, right?


Create Invoices with FastBill!

FastBill - Invoices for Jimdo Stores

To make creating invoices from your exported data really easy, we'd like to introduce you to our new partner -- they specialize in automatically creating invoices.


Here's how to use FastBill and Jimdo together:

  • Export and save the order data from your store.
  • Log into or sign up for FastBill
  • Start creating the invoices. Click on the Invoices tab, then choose the "Export/Import" button. In the "Import Data" area, select your saved store data.
  • Got it? Now select the two checkboxes: "File is in UTF-8 format" and "This file is an orders export by Jimdo."
  • The field you want will be detected automatically and you can simply generate your invoice by clicking on the ones you want! You'll find them in the "Invoices" section, where you can still edit them.
  • FastBill even made a video tutorial
  • You can test FastBill for one month for free. If you like it and want to keep using it, check out their paid plans.


Create Invoices with Mail Merge

Here's the free alternative. If you use a word processing program like Microsoft Word or OpenOffice (a great free option if you haven't bought Word), you can create invoices using the "mail merge" feature. This is a little more complicated and you'll need to have a little patience while you're setting it up.

  • Create a Word or OpenOffice document for your invoice
  • Check that your template has all the required content that an invoice may have in your location
  • Start the merge and insert the variable invoice data (like the customer name, order number, amount, etc.) using the merge fields
  • Don't forget: it's up to you to make sure your invoices are accurate and meet the legal requirements (if any) where you are. We can't offer legal or technical support for mail merge invoices!


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  • #1

    Véronique et Roger (Thursday, 01 September 2011 00:51)

    Very good news!
    Thank's to you JIMDO...

  • #2

    Juan Silva (Thursday, 01 September 2011 04:02)

    Thanks for this tool as I would like to study the possibility of placing a tool for language I think in my case is very cool to not depend on others.THANKS

  • #3

    Vena Jensen Blitsch (Thursday, 01 September 2011 18:35)

    Thank you for developing the ability to send professional invoices through our online store. Very nice feature indeed!

  • #4

    Azeez Thummalapalli (Thursday, 08 September 2011 08:20)

    this is very good......

  • #5

    Jesse (Friday, 23 December 2011 23:32)

    Cool! Say, can we also download our store inventory? Thanks

  • #6

    Powen (Wednesday, 14 March 2012 20:43)

    Hi Jesse, it's not possible to download store inventory right now. But that's a good suggestion and I'll pass it on!