December 11 -- 'Tis the Season for Helping Others


Update: Sandra Henry from won the set of postcards! Congratulations!


In a far-away country, somewhere in Russia, there lived a stepmother who had a stepdaughter and also a daughter of her own."


So begins the Russian fairy tale of Father Frost -- and it is only fair to say that the story ends badly for one of the two girls mentioned (read the rest here). As you have found out in the last week, winter celebrations are very different from country to country, and in the case of Russia and some parts of the former Soviet Union, Christmas is not even a big part of the holidays - New Year's is more important.


Our gifts for today come from Russia (with love, of course), and are a reminder that a very important part of the holiday season is helping those in need. We are raffling off a handmade set of postcards from Elena and her daughter Sonja, who suffers from leukemia. Elena and Sonja use their Jimdo website to communicate with friends and other people who volunteer to help with the high hospital costs.


Maybe as we hustle from store to store this week with bags under our arms, we can take a moment and think of how we could help out others, too. Sometimes it is as simple as smiling at someone on the street, or seeing who needs a hand carrying grocery bags.



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    n3rdfreak (Sunday, 11 December 2011 17:33)

    It's sad to see that nobody wants these postcard only becaus it's not that big present they want !

  • #2

    Sandra Henry (Sunday, 11 December 2011 17:40)

    I think this is a wonderful gift. I had a friend who lost her battle with leukemia two years ago. My friends and I participate in the light the night walk just a few months ago. Best of luck to Elena and little Sonja!

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    kiwichendeluxe (Sunday, 11 December 2011 17:45)

    Like n3rdfreak said it !

  • #4

    Pepe (Sunday, 11 December 2011 21:37)

    is amazing all the gifts you give Jimdo, at least I hope that I touch one. I want to take and wish a Merry Christmas to all. (though it is cold)