December 20 -- Art from Italy


Update: the winner of the prints from Gianguido Oggeri Breda is John, comment #2!


(Since 72 was won by commenter #48 from Russia!)



The generosity of the Jimdo community is astounding this year - from clothing to travel, artwork to a bass guitar, Jimdo stores around the world have been very giving to all our readers. In terms of the international connection, Italian stores have donated prizes on December 2,  December 5 and December 10

Once again today, it is the generous Italians who are donating the giveaway prizes: artists Enrico Bonetto and Gianguido Oggeri Breda.


Enrico Bonetto makes art at his studio in the Venetian countryside, in a minimalistically decorated old farmhouse that he inherited from his grandparents. He calls the studio (and his art) "Since 72": playfully, with an ironic poke at American culture. According to Enrico, "Art needs to start learning from music, be low-budget, reproducible, and affordable for everyone instead of elitist". His website contains interviews, a biography, and tucked away in the subnavigation, even the art itself.

The creative use of materials is in Enrico's DNA, so to speak: his father was a furniture restaurateur and his mother a seamstress. He studied art and design at university, and has been making art since 1999.


Enrico is raffling off his painting Since 72 (on the right) for today's Holiday Bash.


The second prize for today is a photo from Gianguido Oggeri Breda, who has created works of in painting, photography, design, and other interdisciplinary forms. His website shows the sheer range of his creativity, with comics, web design, and architectural sketches and more. Guianguido graduated from the Art Institute in Turin and has been exhibiting his art since 2008.


He is also a Jimdo partner - so feel free to contact him if you are looking for someone to help you on your own site (not part of the giveaway!).


Today he is raffling off the five prints on the left.


If you would like one of these works of art, just comment on this post or retweet our daily tweet!



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  • #1

    Rachel Canales (Tuesday, 20 December 2011 14:04)

    i love the color of this painting. this is like flag of united states. with the colors blue and red :) <3

  • #2

    J. F. F. R. (Tuesday, 20 December 2011 17:22)

    Art and science = I Progress. Congratulation to the two.

  • #3

    Achim Velte (Tuesday, 20 December 2011 19:07)

    molto interessante

  • #4

    adsnayely (Tuesday, 20 December 2011 22:35)

    these are amazing colors of art

  • #5

    lagrandedunedupilat (Wednesday, 21 December 2011 00:02)

    Nice job!

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    Muhammad Rafique (Wednesday, 21 December 2011 01:25)


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    handmade-tintin (Wednesday, 21 December 2011 02:04)


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    BIN (Wednesday, 21 December 2011 03:22)