Remember to Download Your Old Site Statistics!

Download your old statistics and activate the new statistics!

Here's an announcement for JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness users


When we announced our new Statistics module way back in August, we also said it would be a good idea to download your old site statistics as an .xls file by the end of 2011. Now the year is almost over, and we wanted to give you another gentle reminder.


In just a few days (December 31), the old statistics will be deactivated completely and removed from your JimdoPage. So don't forget to grab them by year's end!

If you want to have access to your old site statistics after they are deactivated, remember to download them very soon. Here's what to do:


1. Log into your JimdoPage and click on the "Statistics" button on the right.


2. Click on "Old Statistics", and then on "Download complete statistics". That's it!


3. If you haven't activated your new statistics yet, you can skip the first part of Step 2.

If you don't care about saving your old statistics, you don't need to download them, of course. But do remember to activate the new statistics before the end of the year so they are up to date the next time you want data on visitors to your site.


Just click on the "Go to your new statistics interface" link shown on the left.

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