Jobs, Jobs, Jobs -- We Have a Lot of Chairs to Fill!

Maybe one of them has your name on it?
Maybe one of them has your name on it?

We were finishing up our birthday celebration earlier this week when an especially large delivery arrived at Jimdo headquarters: an armada of black office chairs, enough for all our new team members - and then some!


If you're a developer or marketing guru, a Spanish or English-speaking customer supporter or just a general all-around web wizard, have a look at our Jobs section - maybe you are exactly the person we're looking for. Bonus: if you speak a bit of German, make sure you check out this Jobs page, too.


In case you were wondering: there are a lot of great reasons to work at Jimdo.



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    Remon F. Khalil (Saturday, 03 March 2012 09:44)

    OK, i will have a look - I might be setting in on of those chairs after all

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    Remon F. Khalil (Saturday, 03 March 2012 09:55)

    if you guys were looking for An Arabic-speaking customer supporter & also happens to be a very good in English as well,
    Remon Fawzy Khalil, 26 years, old born & sill living in Cairo,Egypt., loves the way you made your Web Pages Editing tool works & Also happens to be what you Called earlier a general all-around web wizard.
    Wish you guys the best & looking to be one day in your great team

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    Lucas Millheim (Monday, 05 March 2012 16:16)

    Hi Remon,

    We're not planning on launching an Arabic site just yet, but thank you for the offer -- it would be great to do that in the future ;-).