Jimdo Spotlight: MinuteBot

What is MinuteBot?

MinuteBot is a system of components for semi-professional robotics. It combines the simplicity of LEGO Mindstorms with mechanical components where the mechanical properties have been improved compared to LEGO toy components.


What problem are you looking to solve with MinuteBot?
Robots are often very expensive and require special skills to program. Since MinuteBot uses the LEGO Mindstorms way of programming, which is very intuitive and designed for children, it is very fast and easy to design a robot for a specific task.

How has social media helped you get pledges for the project?
As our marketing budget is around zero, social media is the only channel to reach potential backers. Luckily, people interested in robotics and LEGO Mindstorms are very frequent users of social media so our backers have really helped spread the news.


What is your inspiration?
We are curious people so we find inspiration everywhere, especially from our own lives. We basically make what we need ourselves (if we can't find it in the market already). Apart from that we are just trying stuff. Some things work, some don’t. This both applies for product development and marketing.

What is your most ambitious project so far and what projects do you have in mind for the future?
We recently did a project with some light glasses, SEQINETIC™, to treat the winter blues. This was fun and challenging as we needed to understand what light does to the brain then find the right LEDs and design some electronics to do what we wanted. We came up with SEQINETIC™ "sun" glasses which feature 6 powerful LEDs and a reflector. The reflector bounces soft white "daylight" around your eyes but not directly into them, improving your mood.


How does Jimdo compare to other web building experiences you've had?
We are not programmers by heart but we have done the occasional HTML programming. We did not have fun. Content is King but sometimes the programming of the site became the Emperor. With Jimdo we do not have to bother about the programming behind the site. We like that a lot.


How does building a website compare to building a LEGO robot?
Jimdo is for website building what MinuteBot wants to be for robotics! Very easy and intuitive and if you fool around with it for a while you can see that you can do a lot of stuff with the building parts available.

Check out MinuteBot's project on Kickstarter! There are still a few hours to go to become a backer.


Video by Oyen Lab, Cambridge University

Ana R. Alvarado

Public Relations

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    Behind of this amazing invention are the great minds who created the minutebot. Congrats... Good Job and God Speed.

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    Thank you for sharing the success story of “MinuteBot” and the way Jimdo has helped it. We do agree that Jimbo is a wonderful site and can really be useful for many like “MinuteBot”

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