Mobile Marketing Tip: Using QR Codes Right

Selling with QR codes

A few months ago we presented a new feature on Jimdo to help you link up your online and offline activities: QR codes. Some of you have gone wild, happily creating codes for your website. Others may need a some advice on how to use QR codes in a way that makes sense for your business.


Why should I use QR codes?

70 million smartphones in the US

and 23 million in the UK — and more every day. That means millions of potential customers scanning your QR codes - which in marketing terms, is nothing to scoff at. So let's figure out how to the most of it!


Get in the mobile loop
QR codes are a simple, easy way to bridge the gap between on- and offline marketing campaigns. Even if you're not one of the "mobile millions" yourself, your friends, family, and customers are bound to be. It's also a good idea to show your customers you're keeping up to speed (after all, you ARE selling online ;-) ) and thinking of smart ways to connect them with your online content. And finally, ride the wave of QR and mobile excitement!

How to make the most of QR codes

One flyer to bind them
If you've ever printed flyers, posters, or other materials for an ad campaign, you probably know this: print materials get out of date fast. A QR code can help you keep your print campaign fresh. If you keep your posters and flyers relatively generic (but not boring) and add a QR code (for example to, then you can switch your campaign simply by editing your website—without having to print new posters. Even months after you print and hand out flyers, people scanning them and checking out your site will see the latest campaign.


Interact with potential customers
One great thing about QR codes is they make people want to know more, they pique curiosity. If you create the right framework, people scan the code to see what it links to. You can link your QR code to contests, coupons, and more—the most important thing is to attract the attention of your customers.
The hardest-working ad in the business
Let's say you run a restaurant or café: print a QR code linking to your Jimdo site on your take-out coffee cups or matchboxes. Now your customers are carrying your message out into the world with them. They can go to your website at the click of a button... whenever the urge strikes them. You have the chance to reach even more people: everyone who sees the QR code is a potential customer!



Advertise your online store IRL (In Real Life)
If you're just getting started with your online store, it's likely your advertising budget is small to nonexistent. That's not a deal-breaker with QR codes: start by making your website or landing page as bold and as inviting as you can, then print flyers or postcards with a QR code linking to your site. If you do the footwork and distribute these printed materials yourself, you'll attract attention from the offline world to your online store.

Have a lot to say?

No problem! With a QR code and a teaser, you can squeeze your message into the smallest corners. Save the details and everything else for the website; keep the print message focused on getting people to scan the code. That way, you save printing costs and manage to attract users to the web. Once they're on your site (and provided you don't disappoint them), they can your message and interact with your site, especially if you provide an incentive like a discount or freebie.


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Lucas Millheim

Country Manager UK & Ireland

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