Jimdo Spotlight: THEAlines

Have you been feeling disorganized? Don't fret. For this week's Jimdo Spotlight we caught up with Anthea from THEAlines. Their do-it-yourself product line-up currently consists of THEAinlay, a custom-made bag organizer aimed at making life easier.

What's different about your business?
THEAlines’ products are tailor-made and totally off the bricks--so the shop is purely an online store. Currently our only product, THEAinlay, is a highly adaptable custom-made organizer. The tools I provide on my website (measuring leaflet, photos, videos) enables customers to identify the measurements they need for their personal use without ever having to meet me in person. I then build the inlay to meet their desired specifications.

I offer a product that appeals to a niche group, which I hope to find in several countries. My target audience has a strong desire to purchase products that are tailored for them and they’re willing to put in effort to make something that fits them individually. By the term “make” I mean the willingness to think about the desired design, measure their personal belongings, and in some cases, even do the final assembly themselves if they find it enjoyable. THEAinlay customer sees the value of a product’s story and doesn’t seek to purchase the lowest priced product - they enjoy the DIY process.

How long did it take you to have a finalized product? Do you make the bag organizers yourself?
It took me 16 months to develop the current product displayed on the website. All together with the website and videos, from idea conception to the online shop launch, it took me 20 months of full-time dedication. I still make the organizers myself, perhaps later I will consider getting some help but not for now.

Does having high quality videos that tell a story help users understand what the product is?
To be honest I think I overestimated the importance of videos. I'm a video person--I enjoy watching and making them. However, I've realized that within social media channels such as Facebook, having high quality photo galleries may be more effective. My statistics tell me that people click less on my videos but seem more willing to click through photo albums.


Why did you choose Jimdo as your CMS and online store?
I choose Jimdo mainly because of two things: 1) I didn't see any other solution which would let me have such a smooth and functional online store with the same level of independence and low cost. From what I knew, this would take much more than HTML and CSS. 2) I looked at Jimdo’s homepage and story and I had a good feeling about it. I thought Jimdo could be a trustworthy company that could be fun to work with.

What do you like the most about Jimdo?
I like that my website can be viewed on mobile devices with one click.

Ana R. Alvarado

Public Relations

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