Showcase Your Yelp Reviews on Your Website

How to get your business on Yelp

Ever wished you could add your business information to a local listing service with millions of users? Wouldn't it be great if your customers write great reviews about you there too? Well, wish no more! If you haven't already heard of it (or used it yourself), that service with user reviews and recommendations is called Yelp.


An easy-to-use and powerful tool, Yelp is crucial to attracting new customers to your small business, whether it's a café or a consulting firm. We suggest creating a (free!) business Yelp account (if you don't already have one) today!



Add a Yelp Badge to Your JimdoPage

Once you've received a few customer reviews (hopefully all 5-stars), you can add a Yelp badge to your JimdoPage. This way visitors to your site can easily find and read your business reviews and information.


Check out this tutorial for step-by-step instructions!

Julia O. Test

Customer Support Geek

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