JimdoTV Episode #2 - Fit for Summer!

Production for the latest episode of JimdoTV was a little sweatier than usual (at least for a few of us). It's never too late to get fit, and since there are still a few weeks left of summer to hit the beach, we decided to do some strength training and body toning. Svenja and I visited John Ellis in San Francisco — a personal trainer and fitness coach at The Science of Exercise — and put his training methods to test.

After what seemed like a hundred pushups and one interview later, we were a lot smarter. Plenty of sleep is just as important as healthy nutrition and a decent amount of exercise when it comes to fitness; pushups are really hard after a while (especially if you can only do about ten at a time); and kettlebell exercises will push your body like never before.


It was an exhausting workout but it felt great after! Nothing beats natural endorphins. A special thanks to John Ellis for giving us a crash course in his workout philosophy. Who knew getting in shape could be so fun? San Franciscans who want to get fit should definitely give John a call!


We hope you enjoy seeing G.I. Svenja in this episode of JimdoTV. Did you miss our last episode? You can watch all previous episodes on our JimdoTV page. 

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Powen Shiah

U.S. Country Manager

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