Jimdo Spotlight: Maya-Inca Coffee

A perfect cup of coffee can jumpstart any morning. Brewing skills can define taste but, as most coffee enthusiasts know, it all begins with the bean. In this week's Jimdo Spotlight, Hamilton Argueta, CEO of Maya-Inca Coffee, walks us through the process of selecting coffee beans and gives us a quick background on his company. 

What's the origin of Maya-Inca Coffee?

My business partner Giovanny was born in South America and I was born in Central America where Maya and Inca culture were predominant in the pre-columbian era. Our ancestors' origins also stem from these two ancient civilizations and we chose to honor our roots by incorporating the Mayan pyramid, Inca symbol, coffee leaves and beans in our logo.

What makes your coffee unique?

Our Arabica beans are carefully selected for their aroma, flavor, and freshness. The beans are harvested from fincas, or coffee plantations, where no pesticides or chemicals are used to grow the beans. Our providers' philosophy aligns with our own in that they are very well aware that chemicals will ruin the ecosystem of the plantation and that a 100% organic coffee beans yield the most delicious coffee. 


For those who are not coffee connoisseurs, what should they be looking for when selecting beans?

Always choose coffee beans that are organic, and compare altitudes of the coffee plantations. Altitude dictates how acidic or smooth the coffee beans' taste is. If you are looking for a bean to make espresso, select one from a high altitude. For your daily coffee cup, we recommend beans from a lower altitude.


In terms of coffee, what does 100% organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified mean?

100% organic means that the coffee we sell is grown with no pesticides. Using pesticides will ruin the natural flavor and composition of the coffee. Rainforest certified means that the coffee is planted without destroying the natural habitat of the plantation, which is home to many birds, mammals, reptiles, and other wildlife. The certification also means that the plantation is a member of a bigger organization that serves to protect the ecosystem.


How did you come across website builder Jimdo?

It was among the top four website builders Entrepreneur magazine recommended for new business owners in need of a site.


What do you like the most about Jimdo?

I like how easy and user-friendly it is; getting a complete website up and running only takes 45 minutes to and hour. Jimdo’s affordability is great for small businesses who are just starting out.


If you're a coffee lover (and even if you're not!) check out Maya-Inca's array of coffee offerings. Have other coffee tips you'd like to share with Jimdo readers? Post them in the comments section below!

Ana R. Alvarado

Public Relations

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    Hamilton Argueta (Monday, 08 October 2012 05:22)

    Thank you Mrs. Ana R. Alvarado for helping us, Maya Inca Coffee, become part of Jimdo's spotlight.
    To all those coffee lovers out there, we would like to invite you to try our coffee, and give us your support. We know you will not regret it.

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    Beautiful art Mirtha!! I'll be contacting you about a spotlight on Orinoquiart. Will your boutique be live soon?

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