JimdoTV Episode #3 - A Cup of Quijote Coffee

The third episode of JimdoTV is here! This time we feature Quijote Coffee, a coffee roasting plant not far from Jimdo HQ in Hamburg. The coffee lovers in our main office use Quijote Coffee's delicious espresso beans to wake themselves up in the morning. Two of the plant's employees, Steffi and Pingo, showed JimdoTV host Ria around and helped answer a question that many of us rarely think about: What steps are involved in getting a coffee bean from the farm where it's grown to a coffee cup thousands of miles away?

quijote coffee

Pingo is really open in the interview as he discusses both the business of selling coffee and the art of making it. Drawing on his experiences working with roasters from all over Europe, he explains how carefully you have to consider each step of the process: storage, weighing, roasting, cooling, packaging — everything affects how a cup of coffee is going to taste. He uses the language of a connoisseur to describe the taste of the coffee: smooth, velvety, fruity. After listening to Pingo, you can't help but be more observant of all the various flavors that distinguish different coffee beans. 


We hope you enjoy the latest episode of JimdoTV. More episodes are on the way! If you missed the first two episodes of JimdoTV, check out the archives.



Dan Gray

German Translator & Community Manager

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