The Jimdo Review: Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of The Jimdo Review! This week, I am joined by Jimdo USA's lionhearted leader Powen. We spend some time talking about news, discussing a user question, and showing off an awesome Jimdo site that I stumbled across earlier this week. I hope you enjoy watching, and we look forward to the next episode of The Jimdo Review in a couple of weeks. 


Show notes


User Question

Awesome Jimdo Page

  • Check out to see how a bit of creativity can turn a JimdoFree layout into a modern masterpiece.

Other Notes

  • The Jimdo Review will be posted every two weeks and will include news, user questions, website spotlights, occasional appearances of stuffed animals, and lots of enthusiastic high fiving. 
  • Powen has coffee in his coffee mug. Dan has guava juice in his.

If you want to see The Jimdo Review right when it's posted, subscribe to our YouTube channel. Do you have any questions for The Jimdo Review? Leave them in the comments — we'll give a gleeful response in a future episode! 


Dan Gray

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  • #1

    angelo (Saturday, 01 December 2012 11:39)

    Ho all can you all post on

  • #2

    horoscopochino (Tuesday, 04 December 2012 20:48)

    than good jimdo

  • #3

    Bill Wray (Wednesday, 12 December 2012 23:40)

    We have - an online mom & pop music shop and would love to be featured!

  • #4

    dangray (Thursday, 13 December 2012 17:53)

    Hey Bill,

    Thanks for sending us a link to your site. I'll add it to a pool of sites that we look at each week when we're deciding what to feature. If you want, you can also ask us a question that we'll answer on the show :)

    Thanks for watching.