December 8th: Pup and Cup

This gift already has a winner! Check out the Decemberfest calendar for today's gift.


My dog, Bandit, just got a haircut a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to make sure that he looked nice in family pictures for the next few weeks, and I really like the silly bows that the dog groomers put on his ears. Bandit is definitely photogenic with his new haircut (when I can get him to look at the camera) but he's got a problem: It's too cold in December for a dog without a thick coat of fur. One of today's Decemberfest gifts would solve Bandit's problem — the other gift wouldn't really interest him, but I think you'll like it. 


Canine Comforter

Anne Uden makes a number of different products with high-quality boiled wool, a material that is both durable and comfortable. She sells her wares in a small shop in Oldenburg, Germany and online in her Jimdo store. Anne has kindly offered to give away two dark blue dog blankets. In addition, the names of the winners' dogs will be hand stitched on the blankets. 


I know that my dog will be quite jealous of the winners, so when you share this link with you friends, don't let him see!


Dog blanket

Delicious Decor

Martina Morlok is a graphic designer who spends her free time painting. She has a distinct style which features simple, unadorned objects painted on various pieces of textured wood. The natural beauty of the canvas contrasts the stark allure of the objects that Martina depicts with acrylic paint. For Decemberfest, Martina is offering the piece of artwork pictured below: "Espresso Cup."  


Espresso Cup


If you'd like a chance to win a cozy dog blanket or Martina's unique piece of artwork, just leave a comment or retweet our daily Decemberfest tweet. Congratulations to all the winners we've had so far, and good luck to all of you! 


Dan Gray

D-E-C-E-M-B-E-R-F-E-S-T (Find out what it means to me.)

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  • #1

    carol4 (Saturday, 08 December 2012 10:15)

    My dog would love to get this rug from Doggy Santa.

  • #2

    Caryn Fenimore (Saturday, 08 December 2012 12:42)

    Our Dolly would nap all day on it...!

  • #3

    Anne Cabz (Saturday, 08 December 2012 13:34)

    Nice artwork ideas...

  • #4

    lee duncklee (Saturday, 08 December 2012 14:22)

    My daughters dog would simply love this.

  • #5

    Karen Duncklee (Saturday, 08 December 2012 14:28)

    Ariel and Roxie would love to lounge on a warm blanket this winter! Art work is lovely, just what the cabin needs. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • #6

    Anthony C. Thermos (Saturday, 08 December 2012 14:47)

    This art work is beautiful!!

  • #7

    Judy Carnes (Saturday, 08 December 2012 16:05)

    My dog, Roxie, would love this comforter! She gathers all her toys and plays on a large beach towel in my living room. What an upgrade this blanket would be for her!

  • #8

    Cameron (Saturday, 08 December 2012 16:54)

    This is cool!

  • #9

    Benjamin Hughes (Saturday, 08 December 2012 17:10)

    Blanket for our dog (Jimdo!) and coffee for Dad?
    Merry Holidays!

  • #10

    clarityresolutions (Saturday, 08 December 2012 18:28)

    Dogs and people are all happier at Jimdo!

  • #11

    ARACELI torres fernandez (Saturday, 08 December 2012 22:20)

    Me encanta el arte tan original y los perros tan guapos también.

  • #12

    Vena Jensen Blitsch (Sunday, 09 December 2012 00:29)

    Jimdo rocks! If I won this my good old dog Ali would be snuggled up in my office while I work on my Jimdo sites or enjoying the art of my favorite beverage - COFFEE!

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    Tom Allen (Sunday, 09 December 2012 14:30)


  • #15

    Nguyễn Việt GPS (Monday, 24 December 2012 09:46)

    Merry Christmas!

  • #16

    Laptop cu gia re (Tuesday, 25 December 2012 05:44)

    Bác Nguyễn Việt GPS cứ tỏ ra nguy hiểm là sao nhĩ. ;)) thấy người ta viết tiếng hoa kìa. Bác cứ chổ nào cũng Merry Christmas! là sao ?? khekhe