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Background Videos

We're taking custom backgrounds to a whole new level. Not too long ago, we launched a major update to the way you add background images to your website. With gorgeous, full-screen background images, adding a custom background to your site had never been more awesome. Until now.



Backgrounds that move

Have you ever wondered what your website would look like inside of an aquarium? Or how it would read from the bottom of the sea floor? If you've ever wanted to put your favorite cat video in the background of your website, today is your lucky day. We've just added the option to use a or video for your website background.


Backgrounds that talk

Of course, videos do more than move – they also make sound. If you choose to put a video in the background of your website, you can disable the audio or give your visitors the ability to mute and unmute it by clicking a button in the bottom corner.


Backgrounds that do it all

By clicking Style in the Site Admin and then visiting the Custom Background tab, you have full control over what shows up in the background of your web pages. If you decide to use a video, all you need to do is paste in the URL of one hosted at or, and then configure the options: Audio, Full Screen, and the position of the Audio and Full Screen buttons (left or right). Turning on Full Screen will allow your visitors to hide the rest of the content on the page so they can see the video in all its glory.