5 Reasons to Try Jimdo on a Computer

Jimdo's Web Application

Welcome to everyone who learned about Jimdo after hearing about our iOS app. Jimdo for iOS provides the essential features for editing a website on the go. Jimdo's web application, which you can access by logging in to your webite on a computer, offers more powerful features for creating a beautiful website. 


Here are a few features that might encourage you to log in to your new Jimdo site on a computer.


1. Open your own online store.

It only takes a few minutes to set up an online store where you can sell your products on your website. Add store items, manage your inventory, and accept payments with PayPal. Jimdo users are making money every day with our ecommerce tools. 


2. Start a blog.

Creating interesting content on a blog is one of the best ways to attract new visitors to your site. Start writing a blog in a subject that you know well to give people an extra incentive to visit your website. 


3. Try out new layouts.

Choose from hundreds of layouts to find the one that suits your needs. Jimdo users have created incredible sites using our designs—we love seeing what people can make with the building blocks we provide. 


4. Customize your style.

Give your site a unique look by selecting fonts, choosing colors, and setting up a custom background. You can achieve great results with a few simple changes.  


5. Explore new elements.

Discover additional possibilities for your website by trying out elements that are only available in Jimdo's web application. Embed videos, stack content side by side in columns, and add share buttons to encourage your visitors to spread the word about your website. 


Even more with JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness

If you want a custom domain name, additional layouts, and more store items, you should check out JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness. Don't worry if you don't want to upgrade: Your JimdoFree website will stay free forever. 


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