5 Tips for Preparing Your Online Store For the Holidays

Holidays decorations spread out on wood.


The National Retail Federation estimates that 20-40% of all small business sales occur during the holiday season. It's important to prepare your online store for the holidays, and we've got some easy tips that will help you increase your sales this December.


1. Offer free shipping.

If you can offer free shipping, you should. More than one-third of customers say that they give up on making a purchase if delivery costs are too high. By eliminating delivery costs, you can stop losing customers who are already in the checkout process. (Rejoiner)


2. Use social media.

Spread the word about your awesome products. Twitter reports that 64% of its users have purchased a gift that they saw on Twitter. Pinterest and Instagram are also extremely active social networks whose users value visually interesting content—so share some photos of your products and find new customers. (Twitter)


3. Entice with discount codes.

Get potential customers excited about your products by running a seasonal sale. According to Google, 25% of all holiday shoppers will purchase from a store that they've never purchased from before—that new sale could be yours if you combine great products with a great promotion. (Google)


4. Make a best selling products page.

Create a holiday landing page showing off your most popular products. People love curated lists of great products, which are easy and enjoyable to browse through. Make sure to offer great prices on your best products—40% of customers choose an online store because it has the best price. (Google


Star and tree holiday oranments on wood.

5. Be clear about delivery times.

Let people know exactly when your products will be shipped and delivered. Holiday deadlines can be extremely stressful—give your customers peace of mind that their gifts will arrive on time and they'll be more likely to make an order in your store. 


Good luck setting up your online store for the holidays! If you have any other tips, let us know in the comments or get in touch with us on Twitter


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