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Jimdo's Lifeboat for GeoCities

As the news that GeoCities made the rounds today, with stories on TechCrunch, Mashable, VentureBeat, ReadWriteWeb, and CNet, and as well a veritable tsunami of tweets, we here at Jimdo have been trying to figure out how to help rescue the people whose sites have been on GeoCities and are soon to be jettisoned.


We decided we're going to work on a way to help GeoCities users move their sites over to Jimdo -- free accounts of course, and a discount for JimdoPro if they want to do that. We're calling it...

The Jimdo Lifeboat

cc-sa-by http://www.flickr.com/photos/mjphoto/203761236/
cc-sa-by http://www.flickr.com/photos/mjphoto/203761236/


If you know of any friends or family who are affected by GeoCities shutting down, just point them over to the Jimdo Lifeboat (http://www.jimdo.com/geocities) and we'll help get everything straightened out.







Tip for Jimdo Users: Inkd offers Print Templates

Kelly Smith, founder of Inkd.com, recently dropped us a line to ask us to take a look at the site, which recently launched. Inkd calls itself the world's first market for original print design. Inkd is basically a marketplace for print materials like flyer templates, brochure templates, newsletter templates, etc.


Why is this interesting for Jimdo users?


I've noticed that a significant number of people are using Jimdo to create a website for their businesses and organizations. It ranges from small businesses just getting off the ground to long-standing stores to non-profit and community organizations want to get themselves online now. That really makes us happy, since our goal has always been to put the internet, web design, and making your own homepage in the hands of regular people.


Inkd is doing something very similar with print design! You can download fully editable design files like brochure templates, business cards, flyer templates, newsletter templates, which were uploaded by professional graphic designers. Each is unique and is examined by the Inkd team before ending up in the marketplace.


What's also useful is if you don't find what you're looking for, you can put out a request to Inkd or email graphic designers directly on the site.


Jimdo users out there who do marketing, design, and related creative work can submit material to the design collection. If you do so, you are paid a royalty fee on the total retail sale for each transaction that ensues, but in the future Inkd plans to debut an ‘exclusive’ membership with a higher commission fees.


Inkd print templates (of which 900 are already present) are made available for download immediately. There's quite a variety of designs in many different file formats -- page layout files such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign along with photos and artwork. Everything is fully editable; you can customize it to go with your Jimdo page, no matter what kind it it.


You can get some free samples from the Inkd website (hover over the ‘Learn’ tab) to see what they're like:

Free Brochure Template
Free Brochure Template


Download a free Inkd brochure template and take a look!


There's also free letterhead template and a free business card template, if those are more your style