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The New Mobile Photo Gallery


Photo galleries are a great way to spruce up your Jimdo website and show off your best images. Until now, there was only one downside: they didn't show up properly on the mobile version of your JimdoPage. As you probably know, one of the awesome benefits of having a JimdoPage is that all Jimdo websites are automatically optimized to look great on mobile devices. However, the photo gallery element was one area where the mobile display didn't quite match the standard display. Instead of showing up in a gallery, the photos were displayed in a single column. But there's good news!


Our developers have been hard at work and recently revamped the mobile photo gallery, so now when someone views your JimdoPage on a mobile device, your photo galleries will appear the same as in your standard display. Like the picture above shows, you can now view your photo galleries as thumbnails, tap to display a photo in fullscreen, and swipe to move from one photo to the next. You don't have to do a thing to deliver the best mobile experience to your users - Jimdo takes care of everything! How cool is that?

We hope you enjoy your new mobile photo galleries. If you need a few more tips on how to make the most of images on your website, check out our post on how to use images the right way



Kurt Lash

Jimdo Community Support






Jimdo Spotlight: George's Aeroplane

While most people only dream of owning an airplane, George Richards set out to build one from scratch. Jimdo recently chatted with George to learn more about him and his little Falco.

Why build an aeroplane?

My father was a very handy person and passed the interest down to me. When I saw an opportunity to use my handyman skills to build my own aeroplane, it was something I had to do. Initially, the attraction of having my own plane to fly was probably stronger than the attraction to build, but by the time I had finished the build, it was definitely the other way around. It's been an amazing experience and the end result is a fantastic little aeroplane. I still get a huge kick out of taking people for a ride in my own creation and seeing them admire it.

How long did it take you to build?
While the Falco is a brilliant aeroplane, it wasn’t initially designed as a homebuilt aircraft. This means that while possible, of course, it is a little more labor-intensive than a lot of modern homebuilt aircraft designs. I also chose a longer route in that I constructed most of the parts myself from plans rather than buying it as a kit-set. This, as you can imagine, increases the complexity somewhat and at least doubles the time to build it. So I took 9 1/2 years to build my Falco.



What is a Falco?
Italian for “Hawk”, The Falco is a wooden aircraft designed in Italy in 1955. People still struggle to believe both of those statements. It looks as modern as anything designed today and it also looks like it's made from state of the art composite. People always raise an eyebrow when I tell them this. The design was so ahead of its time it won the designer, Stelio Frati, an award for exactly that. It still looks modern and as such is often referred to as the Ferrari of the air.

What's been the most rewarding part of your experience?
I think for me, the most important part of anything is people. I’ve met some great people from all walks of life from all parts of the globe. And I really find it hard to describe the satisfaction, the buzz, the thrill I get when I show someone my plane and watch their reaction, especially after taking them for a ride. There is nothing else like it. Like life, I guess, it's all about sharing.

What do you like most about the Jimdo CMS?
It's the simplicity. I’ve struggled with a lot of systems; as it turns out, prior to becoming an airline pilot I was a computer engineer. I'm not scared of computers, but they can still be frustrating, and some of the other content management systems define the word. Jimdo is super simple and all I have to worry about is my content. With other systems I had to manage the back-end and always seemed to be trying to figure out complex design philosophies. When I was shown Jimdo, I couldn’t believe it could be so simple without there being a catch. Now I can have a great looking website and share all my experiences with minimal time spent and absolutely no worry. It's super simple. I LOVE it.


George has recently packed his bag, and little airplane, and flown to the USA for the Experimental Aircraft Association convention (a homebuilt aircraft expo) in Oshkosh, WIsconsin. To follow George's adventure, check out his blog at falco.co.nz.


Ana R. Alvarado

Public Relations

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Jimdo Spotlight: Alex Hetland

International swimmer Alex Hetland is training to make his debut at the 2012 London Olympics after retiring in 2009. Alex has taken a year off work to train full-time to be able to compete at the world's biggest swim meet. We asked Alex to share a bit about himself, what he is doing to prepare for the Olympics, and his Jimdo site.


What are you doing to prepare both physically and mentally for the upcoming London Olympics? What's the most challenging aspect?

I've been travelling much more this year and currently I'm training 7000 feet above sea level to reap the benefits of altitude training. There are many aspects that I'm focusing on: getting stronger in the weightroom, faster but also more endurance in the pool, becoming more flexible and perhaps most importantly perfecting my swimming stroke to be as fast and efficient as possible.


The mental aspect is simply staying focused when training over 30 hours per week and not letting the quality suffer under any circumstance. Being one of the biggest sports in the world, there is no easy way to make it to the top internationally... but when you do it's the greatest feeling in the world!


How has swimming helped shape who you are?

Swimming has definitely made me who I am today. My sport has provided me with scholarships to finish two university degrees, taken me to over 40 countries on all continents of the world, taught me about perseverance and the importance of hard consistent work over time and also given me confidence in my ability to perform under pressure. Also, I have met a tremendous amount of amazing people from all over the world through my sport.



In your latest blog post you talk about rewiring your brain to have a more positive outlook, can you share a bit more about your 21-day challenge?

I came over the 21-day challenge with relation to a business seminar speech about improving productivity in the work place, but immediately saw correlations to swimming and improving performance. The challenge is very simple and by following a few easy steps (like writing down a positive experience every day) one can actually rewire the brain to become more positive. This is important because it is the way we view the world and our ability to cope with problems/see obstacles as challenges that actually shapes our reality.


Why do you have a Jimdo website?

I made my site to share part of my journey towards the Olympics. I wanted a page that could incorporate my blog and also give me a better online presence that I could control myself.


What do you like the most about Jimdo?

It takes me 2 minutes to make any update to my site. Also the SEO tools have been great putting me #1 on Google.


How did you find out about our website builder?

I just did some online research. I wanted a platform that gave me flexibility but did not require me to do a lot of coding. Jimdo fit the bill perfectly and it was also very reasonable and had great designed templates.


Check out Alex's site and tune in to watch him at the London Olympics!

Ana R. Alvarado

Public Relations

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Specify an Alternate Email Address


We have a small, yet important change to announce today. You can now specify an additional, alternate email address for your JimdoPage.


Why is this important?

It's simple: It may happen that you forget your JimdoPage password and also lose access to your primary email account. When this happened in the past, it was a very difficult process to recover your JimdoPage password. But now, with the addition of the alternate email address, we can get you your password quickly and easily!


How it works:

The alternate email address is, of course, optional, but we highly recommend it. To add an alternate email address to your JimdoPage, first log in to your site, then click on Settings > Your Email Address. Fill out the text box under Alternate Email Address, click save, and that's it!


Kurt Lash

Jimdo Community Support






Design Tutorial: Using Images the Right Way

It's easy to spruce up your Jimdo website with great photos: from background images to photo galleries or just individual images. But what's easy isn't always effortless. There is definitely a right and a wrong way to use images on the web, so we asked our designers for a few tips on how to get the most out of your images - whether you're a JimdoFree, Pro or Business user. 


Choose the Right Images

While great text needs to be read to get noticed, photos are immediate attention-grabbers. Images complement the texts on a website and often finish telling the story. But not all pictures are created equal. Here are some guidlines for choosing the right images for your website:

  • Forget the tired pictures we've all seen a thousand times.
    Remember that picture of a customer service representative with a headset on, just waiting to take your call? What about that stock photo of people shaking hands, or the Manhattan skyline? If you're thinking about using one of these types of images, you may want to reconsider. Instead, choose something that makes your website unique, something no one has seen before. 


  • Photo size: switch it up!
    Here's a tip especially for the store owners out there: use one larger photo to catch people's attention, and make the rest smaller. In general, you should spend a bit of time resizing your images for consistency (see below). You can also display photos in a small format, allowing people the option to click to enlarge.


  • Choose an expressive background image!
    When it comes to a background image, less is often more. While you're planning your website design, consider whether a background image is right for your message, or whether your website would work better with a subdued background pattern. Store owners can add an extra degree of trust by integrating a testimonial into the background image. Keep in mind that the best background images often aren't images at all, but simply understated designs or patterns that complement your content. 

One more thing: don't be afraid to throw out your first idea and try a different one. Testing shows some images work better than others.


Edit Your Images

As every photographer knows, not all photos are perfect as they were shot. The colors may be a little off, or maybe it would look better in black and white? That's where photo editing comes in. But you don't need to buy Photoshop to edit your website pictures - there are other options to turn to. There are some great photo editors that are low priced or even free.


Aviary is one web-based photo editor that you can use for free. They offer several different tools for editing photos. You don't have to register to use it, just upload your pictures to the web-based interface and get started. The program even supports layers (which is important for complicated photo editing), as well as photo filters and effects. When you're finished, you can resize the image or even reduce the quality for faster loading times. 


Create Your Own Images


We don't all have an expensive SLR camera around, and hiring a professional photographer is not an option for many Jimdo store owners. But not to worry - you can turn your living room into a miniature photo studio on even the most limited of budgets. Store owners in particular will benefit from making a lightbox to show off their products. The resulting photos are great! A while back we even blogged about making your own lightbox here.


Stock Photo Services

If you've ever run out of pictures when you're making your website, you probably know that sometimes you have to turn elsewhere to find good photo material. Since copyright means you can't just take every picture you come across on the web and put it on your own website, you're left with taking your own photos or exploring stock photo services. Some cost money, some don't - and the quality of photos varies greatly. 


These photo databases allow you to use their license-free pictures at no charge:


These services cost money - but in some cases it is worth the price: 


Here as well, remember to read the terms of use before using someone else's photo! 


Jimdo Photo Material


If you're still looking for new pictures for your website, you might find what you're looking for here: A selection of images you can use for your website (as long as it's non-commercial). 



Here's how it works:

  1. Download the image sets you think might work for your site, open the file, and pick the image you like.
  2. Log into your site and click on the "Edit Header" button. 
  3. Click on "Custom Photo", then upload the image from your computer.



We hope this gets you thinking about how to better use images on your website. If you have any tips or suggestions of your own, share them with us in the comments below.


Blog post by Kurt Lash (Jimdo Community Support).