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New Feature: Discount Codes

Jimdo now has discount codes.


Starting today, it's possible to create discount codes for your Jimdo store. Whether you use discount codes to offer a reward to your loyal customers or to entice new customers to your store, they can be a valuable marketing tool. We're extremely excited to make this feature public for all of our JimdoBusiness customers today. 


Simple. Powerful.

With the new discount code feature, it's easy to create discount codes that reduce the price of an order by a percentage or a set dollar amount. All you have to do is click the Store icon in the Site Admin, navigate to the Discount Codes tab, and enter the name and amount of the discount code. Your customers can enter your discount code during checkout to receive the discount. Learn more about how to use discount codes in our Help Center


Discount Codes are easy to create.

Attract new customers.

Encourage new customers to shop in your online store by offering discounts for special occasions. A well-timed sale gets potential customers excited and entices them to make a purchase. Having year-round discounts gives people the sense that your prices are simply too high, but occasional sales are a great marketing tool. If you have a jewelry store, for instance, consider having sales near Mother's Day or Valentine's Day—the potential increase in sales will make up for the decrease in your prices. 

Entering a discount code.

Jimdo loves online stores.

If you haven't already tried selling online, now is the time to start. Anyone can create an online store with Jimdo—even JimdoFree websites are set up for ecommerce. The best way to manage an online store is with a JimdoBusiness subscription, which includes a custom domain name and SEO tools that make your store more visible, as well as unlimited store items and discount codes.


Tons of people are already using Jimdo to sell incredible products online, like Zoombowls and Amigonstro. We can't wait to see what you sell and how you use discount codes to generate even more sales



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Easy Multilingual Websites Using Google Translate

Embedding a Google Translate widget on your site makes it accessible in more than sixty of the world's languages. If you don't have the time or resources to translate all of your content manually, the Google Translate widget is a simple solution that makes your website available to more people. 


Although the Google Translate widget doesn't offer a perfect translation of your content, it's still a great way to help your site reach a larger audience.


Keep reading to learn how to add the Google Translate widget to your Jimdo website.


How to Add the Google Translate Widget to Your Site

It only takes a few simple steps to add Google Translate to your website:


  1. Visit Google's Translation Manager and sign in to your Google account (If you don't already have anaccount, you can sign up for a free Google account).
  2. Click Add to your website now on the right-hand side.
  3. Follow the instructions on the next few pages to customize your translator.
  4. You'll then receive two code snippets: Add the meta tag to the Head section of your site by clicking Settings > Edit Head and pasting the meta tag code. Add the widget code to the page where you want your translator to show up by adding a Widget / HTML element and pasting the widget code. 


If you want the Google Translate widget to show up on every page of your site, add it to your site's Sidebar


For more detailed instructions, check out our tutorial: How to Embed Google Translate on Your Site.


We've got lots of other tutorials in the Tutorials section of our Help Center



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