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One Week Later

A little more than a week ago, the Jimdo Team assembled in four countries to prepare for the launch of our iOS app.


Everyone in Hamburg arrived at the office at around 3:30 AM and the team in San Francisco had just ordered dinner. In Moscow, a small group sat around the breakfast table, and the team in Tokyo was enjoying the middle of their day. We were all connected through Google Hangout, and we watched as our mobile team pushed the "big red button" (it was actually a MacBook Air trackpad) that made Jimdo live in the App Store. We celebrated wildy and then we waited to see what the response would be. 


Jimdo for iOS


The response was incredible. 


We posted one day after launch to say thank you to everyone who had downloaded the app and shared their feedback with us. Now, one week later, we want to say thank you again, because this week has completely surpassed our expectations. 


In the past 7 days, Jimdo has been featured in thirty-nine different countries, and in twenty-five of those we have a top banner. Jimdo has been downloaded more than 50,000 times, and more than 200 of you have rated the app. Worldwide, Jimdo is a 4.5 star app, and many of you have taken the time to praise the app in well-written reviews. 

We've already released one update to the app to squash some small bugs—please download the update and leave another rating so that new people can continue to discover Jimdo. 

We appreciate all of the feedback that you've been sending us. Our development team is actively looking through your feature requests as they begin to work on the next major version of Jimdo for iOS. 

Thank you all for the support you've given us over the years and in the past week especially. If you're brand new to Jimdo: Welcome. We're glad that you're here. Come join us on Twitter and Facebook and become part of our awesome community. 







5 Reasons to Try Jimdo on a Computer

Jimdo's Web Application

Welcome to everyone who learned about Jimdo after hearing about our iOS app. Jimdo for iOS provides the essential features for editing a website on the go. Jimdo's web application, which you can access by logging in to your webite on a computer, offers more powerful features for creating a beautiful website. 


Here are a few features that might encourage you to log in to your new Jimdo site on a computer.


1. Open your own online store.

It only takes a few minutes to set up an online store where you can sell your products on your website. Add store items, manage your inventory, and accept payments with PayPal. Jimdo users are making money every day with our ecommerce tools. 


2. Start a blog.

Creating interesting content on a blog is one of the best ways to attract new visitors to your site. Start writing a blog in a subject that you know well to give people an extra incentive to visit your website. 


3. Try out new layouts.

Choose from hundreds of layouts to find the one that suits your needs. Jimdo users have created incredible sites using our designs—we love seeing what people can make with the building blocks we provide. 


4. Customize your style.

Give your site a unique look by selecting fonts, choosing colors, and setting up a custom background. You can achieve great results with a few simple changes.  


5. Explore new elements.

Discover additional possibilities for your website by trying out elements that are only available in Jimdo's web application. Embed videos, stack content side by side in columns, and add share buttons to encourage your visitors to spread the word about your website. 


Even more with JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness

If you want a custom domain name, additional layouts, and more store items, you should check out JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness. Don't worry if you don't want to upgrade: Your JimdoFree website will stay free forever. 







The First Jimdo Website Created on an iPad

Since Jimdo launched its iOS app last week, thousands of people have discovered how easy it is to create a website on an iPhone or iPad. Immediately after the app launched, Stephen Belomy, Jimdo's U.S. CEO, created the first website with Jimdo's iOS app


Stephen's website, In the Mood for Food, is pictured below and was created exclusively using Jimdo on an iPad. 

Jimdo for iPad
Jimdo for iPad
Jimdo for iPad


It took Stephen less than 10 minutes to build his website, which includes several pages, headings, galleries, photos, text, and internal text links. One week ago, this kind of robust website editing wasn't possible away from your desktop—now anybody with a few spare minutes can update a website or build one from scratch. 


Jimdo is available free in the App Store. For more information about how to use the app, visit our Support Center







Thank You

Yesterday was the best day we've had since Jimdo first began in 2007.


Thousands of people downloaded Jimdo for iOS, and as a result we are being featured in the App Store in thirty-three countries worldwide. After devoting 2013 to releasing an app—countless hours of planning, developing, and marketing—we are so glad to be celebrating a launch that was way more successful that we could have anticipated. We're so glad that our existing users have a powerful new tool at their disposal and that so many people are learning about Jimdo for the first time through our iOS app.


In the United States, we have nineteen five-star ratings—worldwide we have more than a hundred. Dozens of you have written glowing reviews of Jimdo, and we pored over each of them excitedly. Below, we've highlighted some of our favorite responses from our users and from the press. 


App Store Feature

Jimdo's iOS App in the News


"The app couldn't be much easier to use; you swipe right to add pages and manage navigation, left to add page elements like headers, photos, and text... Of course, just because you're building a site on your mobile device doesn't mean you're building a mobile site. You are, but with one tap of a toggle button you can see how the site will look on both desktop and mobile platforms."

—Rick Broida,



"In my brief testing, I was surprised at how quickly I was able to create a Jimdo site. Upon first launching the app, you simply need a Jimdo account and choose a website theme, a process that took me less than two minutes... Naturally, there’s no coding necessary: You simply choose the site template you want to use, drag and drop design elements, and input some text."

—Devindra Hardawar,


Feedback from Jimdo Users

Brent - BikeWrappers

“As a small business owner, I find Jimdo’s app great for making quick changes while I am traveling. Being able to keep fresh content on my website is extremely important to me, and this app allows me to manage my site and business without having to rely on a desktop.”

— Brent,


Katie - Imperial Valley SBDC

“I LOVE THE APP! Uploading on the go will allow me to keep fresh content on my website wherever I am. The app is organized, and bonus features like the statistics button help me monitor information. The Jimdo app revolutionizes the way websites can be maintained. Not only do I love it, but my clients will love it too!”

— Katie, Imperial Valley SBDC



Jimdo User Reviews






Jimdo for iOS

Jimdo is the easiest way to build a website. Now it's the easiest way to create and edit a website on iPhone and iPad. Jimdo is available free in the App Store


Jimdo for iOS


Many of you have asked when it would be possible to edit your Jimdo websites on an iPhone or iPad. We're extremely excited that our free iOS app is available today. Go download it in the App Store and try it out. We'd love it if you could leave a five-star review to encourage other people to try Jimdo.


Share your moments.

Take photos and upload them to galleries on your website.


Photo panel

Fine tune your pages.

Create, modify, and reorder the pages on your site.


Navigation panel

Analyze your statistics.

See how many people are visiting your site.  


We know you're going to love working on your Jimdo website away from your desk. If you have any feedback, you can send it to us right from the app: Just swipe right, tap the info icon, then tap App Feedback. 

Visit our Support Center for more information about the app

For everyone using Android: Don't worry, we're already working on an Android app as well. 







Awesome Background Contest Winners

Last month, hundreds of you submitted websites to our Awesome Background Competition. After narrowing it down to 12 finalists, we spent the last couple weeks determining the ultimate winners. Below, you'll see the three winning websites, which each used our Awesome Background Feature to create a stunning visual effect. 


1st Prize

1st Place Website

Winner: Raoul Gidyon

Prize: Nikon 1 J3 


Selected by a jury of Jimdo Experts. 


2nd Prize

2nd Place Website

Winner: Tommy Schiwargo

Prize: GoPro Hero3


Selected by Jim Martin, PCAdvisor editor.



3rd Prize

3rd Place Website

Winner: Dibi Dobo

Prize: Lifetime JimdoBusiness site


Voted by Jimdo's Facebook community.

We'd like to thank everyone who submitted a website as well as everyone who voted for the 3rd place winner on our Facebook page. One lucky commenter, Jana Yeakel, won a big bag of Jimdo gear.


Keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for news about upcoming contests. 


Devon Atkins

Resident Antipodean






Awesome Competition Finalists Announced

For the past six weeks, hundreds of you have been creating Jimdo sites and entering the Awesome Background Competition. After a difficult debate, we were able to narrow the pool down to the final twelve websites. The people who designed these websites made excellent use of our new Custom Background feature to build stunning websites. We want you to vote for your favorite on our Facebook page

Pick your favorite on Facebook.

Starting today, our Facebook community has the chance to pick the winner. The winner of the community prize will receive a lifetime subscription to JimdoBusiness, which includes two domain names, an online store with unlimited items, twenty email accounts, and fast customer support.


Everyone who participates in the voting has a chance to win a prize as well. We'll randomly select someone who takes part in the poll and send them a bag full of Jimdo goodies—T-shirts, buttons, coffee mugs, bags, etc. You'll be the talk of the town (in a good way) with all this Jimdo gear. 


Go visit our Facebook page now to vote. We'll announce the winner on August 16th. 


Lifetime JimdoBusiness Package


Devon Atkins

Resident Antipodean