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The Jimdo Review: Farewell, 2012


On this week's episode of The Jimdo Review, I talk about wrapping up Decemberfest, give away a cool prize from Yuki, and show off an awesome JimdoPage that I came across earlier this week. 


Show Notes


Awesome JimdoPage

  • This week's awesome JimdoPage is Just One Way Ticket, a site run by a woman who quit her job to travel the world. 
  • I really love the way that she used layout P1392 with a whimsical header to give her site a fun feeling. 
  • Just One Way Ticket also keeps important information in the sidebar, which shows up on every page of a Jimdo site. That's a great technique for all of us to remember. 


Thanks a lot for watching The Jimdo Review. We'll post another episode in two weeks. Make sure that you subscribe to our YouTube channel if you want to see The Jimdo Review as soon as it's released. 


Dan Gray

"He was at the very end of a story."






The Jimdo Review: Surprisingly Spicy


This week's episode of The Jimdo Review is full of surprises. Dan reveals hints about future Decemberfest gifts, Kurt gets shot in the neck with a Nerf dart, and they both talk about new features and ways to spice up your website.


Show Notes


  • Decemberfest, Jimdo's annual gift giveaway is kind of a big deal. Be sure to tune in on December 24th for a big surprise.


An Awesome JimdoPage

  • Axe Colours creates awesome studio design and decorations with graffiti. And their website is pretty cool, too.


User Question

  • Someone from Troy, Michigan asked, "How can I spice up the fonts on my Jimdo website?" We answer with font styles.


Other Notes

  • Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and send us your questions and comments. 
  • Dan will be back in two weeks with another episode.



Kurt Lash

Dan's Decemberfest Doppelgänger






Beautiful new layouts. And a little something extra.


We've got a couple of incredible new layouts to show you. Perfect for both personal and business sites, these new designs are stylish, modern, and fluid. A fluid layout changes its look based on the size of a visitor's screen, which means the design will look great whether it's being viewed on an old monitor, a new laptop, a tablet, or your middle school math teacher's overhead projector. Go ahead and try out P4213 (for JimdoPro) and B4205 (for JimdoBusiness) to see how the layouts change as you make your browser window smaller or larger. 


New layout demo


One of the awesome features of P4213 and B4205 is the location of the Sidebar. The Sidebar is the part of a Jimdo site that shows up on all of your pages. With P4213, you can put contact information, social media buttons, or a short biography in the sidebar and it will show up at the bottom of each of your pages. This also means that you have more room for content on the main part of your site. With B4205, the sidebar is located at the top of your site, a perfect place for the shopping cart of your online store. We can't wait to see the beautiful sites that you make with these new layouts. 


If you want to learn how to create a fantastic website with these new layouts, you should check out our Website Basics presentation. Someone from the Jimdo team will show you the ins and outs of making a site with Jimdo in one hour. You can sign up on our webinars page.  


Double Feature

We've added a couple of small features as well.


First, an image can now be resized simply by dragging its corner. After you add a Photo element, you'll see a small arrow in the image's corner that you can click and drag to make the image smaller or larger.


Second, we've added the option to enable a scroll-to-top button. If you enable this option in Settings, all of your pages will have a small arrow that your visitors can use to jump back to the top of your site. Check out the screenshots below to see what the scroll to top arrow looks like, and then try it out by clicking the scroll to top arrow at the bottom right of this page. 


image resizing feature
Easily resize images.
scroll to top settings
Enable the scroll-to-top button.
Scroll to top button
Click to jump back to the top of the page.


And one last thing: Keep your eye on the Decemberfest calendar, because we're giving away a gift every day until December 24th. All you have to do to win is comment or retweet!



Dan Gray

Decemberfest Enthusiast






December 1st: Your Winter Wardrobe

These gifts have been given away! Congratulations to Sebastian and Anastasia!


Today is the first day of Decemberfest! Below, you'll see the gifts that two German clothing labels are offering. If you'd like a chance to win, just leave a comment on this post or retweet our daily Decemberfest tweet. After today, Decemberfest posts won't appear on the main blog, so make sure that you stop by every day to check the Decemberfest calendar, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook


Blütezeit's "True Lilly" Dress

One of Berlin's great clothing labels, blütezeit, is known for combining modern, urban design and playful, feminine style. After a painstaking design process, their clothing is produced with high quality materials, which leads to a finished product that is equally well-made and beautiful.


For Decemberfest, blütezeit is offering their "True Lilly" dress to Jimdo users. The elegant dress is excellent for both casual and formal situations. If you wear it with some boots and a nice coat, you have a fantastic looking winter outfit. 


If you'd like a chance to win, leave a comment below! And if you ever find yourself on a trip to Berlin, you should visit blütezeit's new retail store. 

Scarf and Beanie from Steinkopf

A fairly new designer, Steinkopf, is based in the port city of Hamburg, Germany. The handmade accessories that Steinkopf makes are influenced by Hamburg's maritime atmosphere. For Decemberfest, Steinkopf is offering a beanie and a circle scarf — just in time for the winter months. 



If you'd like to be entered to win this gift from Steinkopf, leave a comment below. Made from high quality materials and marked by a northern flair, this combination of winter accessories would be a great addition to your wardrobe. 


Good luck to everyone, and see you again tomorrow for another gift!


Dan Gray

Decemberfest Fanatic