Decemberfest 2012

Welcome to Jimdo's holiday giveaway!

Your friends at Jimdo will be giving away gifts every day until December 24th. The gifts for this year's giveaway have been provided by Jimdo shop owners from all around the world. We want to thank everyone who is participating for helping us spread warmth and joy during this special time of the year.


We're so proud to have the best community on the web, and we want to give something back to all of you! Thanks for using Jimdo. 


Click on today's date on the calendar below to see the gift of the day. (All the dates are scrambled, but with a bit of searching you'll find today's date.) Look below the calendar for more instructions on how to win.  



How to Win


  • Everyone can enter for a chance to win, even if you don't have a Jimdo site. Just leave a comment on the gift's blog post or retweet the link to the blog.


  • The chance to win a gift will end as soon as the next day's gift is posted.
  • Make sure that we have some way to contact you — email address, Twitter account, Jimdo site, carrier pigeon loft location, etc.


  • We'll announce the winners on our blog and also get in touch with them directly.


  • Sorry, Jimdo team members — we love you, but you aren't eligible to win.