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Starting Your Jimdo Store: A Guide

In this blog post, we'll show you how to take your JimdoPage store from 0 to 60 as a fully functioning online store. It basically takes four main steps:

  1. Adding your store items
  2. Making a catalog overview
  3. Filling out your store settings
  4. Using the new Orders button

1. Adding Items

Insert an Element

Add a new element and select the Store Item option. The store item module looks similar to the regular Text with Photo element. Tip: We suggest you make a page for each item in your store. That way, you can add additional information, videos, or even documents like PDFs. You can then link to the store item page from the catalog.


Product Description

Give your item a name and add a description.



Select tags (keywords) to categorize your items. These can be used later to filter your store's catalog overview.



Click on the Photo tab of the element to upload as many photos of the item as you'd like. The first photo will be the main image of the item and is displayed in the catalog overview. You can choose from three different image sizes. With the detail-view option, images will be automatically enlarged and your customers can see the photos in high-magnification.


Click to see variations
Click to see variations


Select the Price tab to set the item's price.


Shipping Costs

Set the shipping charges for the item for sale. Tip: You'll need to activate shipping charges first. This and other shipping settings are in the Shipping submenu of the Store settings in the SiteAdmin toolbar. For example, you can set default shipping charges, maximum shipping costs, free shipping for orders of a certain size, etc.



Display information about the availability of the items in your store. Green = available, yellow = limited availability, red = not available. The exact availability descriptions can be changed in the SiteAdmin toolbar under Settings > Store > Settings.


Item Variations

Variations of your items allow you to offer different types of the same product. For example, you can list a t-shirt in different colors and sizes. You can even set different prices and availability for the variants, if you're sold out of M or XL costs more. Just click on the Set Individually button for the price or availability column. As soon as you set different item variations, your customers will be able to choose from them.

2. Creating a Catalog

As soon as you've added a few items to your store, you can display them in a catalog/list on your JimdoPage. Try adding the catalog to your site's main page so your customers will be able to see everything you're selling in your store. If you've added tags to your items, you can also sort and filter items easily based on the tags.


There are two display options: catalog and list. Depending on which you select, your store items will be displayed differently. Try it out!


If someone sees something in your catalog that they like, they will be taken to that item's page when they click on the item.


3. Setting Up Shop

Fill Out Your Profile Info

So that we and your customers know who's running your online store, we need some basic contact information. Log into your JimdoPage, click on Settings > User > Your Profile. Fill it out, please!


Activate Payment Options

You can offer your customers multiple ways to pay! Select from PayPal (sign up for an account if you don't have one already), invoicing, payment in advance, collection upon delivery, local pickup, or local delivery. Your customers can choose from the activated payment methods during the order process.



If local law requires you to charge sales tax or you need to display VAT, you can activate this and set the tax rate in the Store Settings.


Personalize Emails

When they order, your customers receive an order confirmation, and a shipment confirmation when you mark the purchase as shipped. Edit the email templates however you would like.


Review Your Terms of Service, Refund/Cancellation Policy, and Contact Page

Check to make sure your Terms of Service, Refund/Cancellation Policy, Contact/About/Imprint are finished so that visitors and potential customers know your store's policies and how to get in touch with you.


4. Checking Your Orders

Orders is a new button in the SiteAdmin toolbar. This new section is a summary of all orders. You can easily review your store's orders, manage the order process, mark orders as completed, and archive old transactions.

click to expand
click to expand

5. Enjoy Your Store: Ready, set, sell!






Now with an Online Store! Click. Sell. It’s that Simple!

The best online website creator is now even better! If this isn’t news, we don’t know what is -- the 2nd new feature of the year is an online store for each and every Jimdo user!
Beginning right now, you can become a business superstar on your Jimdo site and set up your own professional store. No external store solutions, no additional unnecessary extra subscriptions!

Our developers have taken care to make sure the online store is just like everything else at Jimdo: easy to use but full of professional features.

Your store

  • is easy to set up just like everything on Jimdo- just a few clicks and it’s online!
  • is professional: multiple product photos with a detailed-view, videos, texts etc. to make your products as close to life as possible.
  • includes everything needed for a professional store: shopping cart, size and quantity specifications, product availability.
  • has a secure payment system: PayPal (for all Jimdo users) as well as by check, invoice, pickup, delivery and other custom options  (only for JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness users)
  • includes an overview of all your open and completed orders (with a print version for your records)
  • and much more

One-Stop-Shop for Everyone

Every Jimdo user can set up an online store immediately and get right to down to business - the following table shows just what each Jimdo version includes. We’re waiving our sales fee during this initial phase: through June 30, 2010. After that point, a small - and we feel - fair sales fee applies. :) When using PayPal for payment, standard PayPal fees apply.

JimdoBusiness JimdoPro JimdoFree





Tip: Add a forum to your Jimdo site

It couldn't be simpler: just sign up for a free forum at Forumotion and you can add it to your Jimdo site! If you've been looking for a way to do this, just head over to Forumotion now and you can get started.

Step 1: Insert a new Widget / HTML element.

Step 2: Copy and paste the code below, replacing the URL with the url for your forum

    <iframe width="800" height="1000" frameborder="0" marginheight="0"  
marginwidth="0" src="http://xxx.forumactif.net/"></iframe>

Note: Don't forget to replace xxx.forumotion.com with your forum's address!

How can I change the size of the forum on my website?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to change the size of the forum. You do have the following options...


  • Change the layout of your Jimdo site to allow for a larger main content area. For example:
Select a layout that has a wide main content area
Select a layout that has a wide main content area
  • You can adjust the size of the embedded section by editing the HTML code above. For example:

Where it currently says width="800" height="1000" as the dimensions, you could reduce it to  width="500" height="700". This makes the forum smaller (and maybe it'll fit better on the page) but your visitors may have to scroll horizontally and/or vertically in order to see everything. It's not perfect, but in short, your site does gain some interactivity. ;-)






Happy Birthday to us! Jimdo's 3 Years Old!

Jimdo is celebrating its 3rd birthday today, and to mark the occasion, we're doing something special: a quiz! How well do you know your favorite website creator? Give it a try -- we'll raffle off 20 Jimdo t-shirts among all the quiz-takers who answered correctly.


Even if you're stumped by some of the questions, we're releasing a new Jimdo feature for you, too. What is it? The answer's hidden in the quiz, so take it :)


Your name will be in the raffle if you finish (and submit) the quiz by midnight Sunday, February 21, 2010 (11:59pm EST).


Good luck, hope you're a winner!







A Little Problem with Gmail - Give us a hand!

If you use Gmail, you've probably noticed that in the last few weeks, all emails from Jimdo have been landing in your spam folder.


The affected messages:

  • Welcome emails after you create a new Jimdo page
  • Notification emails when someone leaves a message or comments on your site
  • Updates from Jimdo (like the newsletter

We're working on getting this fixed, but you can help too:

Don't panic - you've received the email, it just might be in your Spam folder.

Tell Gmail that messages from Jimdo aren't spam by clicking on "Not Spam" once you've opened it.


We been in contact with Gmail several times about this issue, but they haven't responded yet. If enough Jimdo users click on "Not Spam," the Google bots that decide what's spam and what isn't will hopefully get the message that people want to receive these emails!

Thank you for taking the time to help us with this! And we're very sorry and apologize to those of you who haven't been receiving emails from us.


If you - even after looking in the spam folder - still don't see the email you're expecting from us, please contact us again at support@jimdo.com. We'll be able to happy to send it again!






Jimdo Gift Certificates


We've got another surprise up our sleeves... one you've been asking for! If you've ever wanted to give someone a website (or an easy way to make one), now you can. Starting today, buy Jimdo gift certificates and give them as gifts!


  • Does someone in your family need a website?
  • Does a friend need a website to post her résumé and speed up her employment search?
  • Is someone you know a budding blogger, photographer, artist


You probably can think of more ways than we can that a website could come in handy...

How to Order Jimdo Gift Certificates

Just visit the new Jimdo Gift Certificates page, fill out the form, and we'll take care of the rest.


You'll get a link in your email to pay, and once you do, we'll send you the gift certificate code, and you're on your way, bringing pages to the people!


Jimdo Gift Certificates