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Jimdo ♥ Kanban

Have you heard of Kanban? Kanban comes from the Japanese word for "signboard" or "billboard" and it's a method for effective and efficient team collaboration, but it also keeps individual s from being overloaded and burned out. We don't want any of that here! We want energized colleagues who are excited about what they do - and happy users, for whom we can build new features quickly thanks to our efficient work!

Kanban limits the number of current tasks, makes what everyone's working on transparent, and makes it easy to visualize who's working with whom. We put together a short video to show how much fun we have with Kanban :-)

PS There's a shark-man hiding in this video. Can you find him?






We Love to Share - Do you?

photo courtesy of nationaalarchief

If the answer is yes, have we got something great for you: the new Share Buttons element! When you add this new feature to your JimdoPage, your friends and site visitors can share your content on many different web services with just a click. Just like that, your blog posts, new store products, or just your website are being shared on platforms like Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and more.



It's a great way for more people on the Internet to learn about your JimdoPage! For your site's visitors, it's super easy to share your website or a blogpost they like on their favorite service with just a click. It's a truism: when it's easy to do, things spread faster and better!


How It Works

Log into your JimdoPage, and you'll find the Share Button element in your regular list. Add it to a blog post or on your website, and choose which of the many web services you'd like to enable. Then you can choose the size of the share buttons, as well was whether you'd like a black and white scheme or colorful buttons. That's it!

As you can see below, we've chosen the black and white version of the buttons for this blog post. Go ahead and give it a whirl: share this post :-)






We Want Your Stories! Share the Story of Your Website

Curious as cats? Who, us? Well... maybe :-) We're on the hunt for your funniest, most surprising, most extraordinary, and craziest experiences with your website - in short, the best anecdotes or stories about your site! Jimdo is getting closer and closer to its 4th birthday, and we thought it's time to collect your greatest stories and share them here in the blog.


For example... did you meet the man or woman of your dreams through your JimdoPage? Have you gotten unusual questions from across the world? Have you been able to do something good with the help of your website (fundraising, awareness raising, animal rescue)? Whatever it is, tell us about it! :-)

If you'd like to join us for our 4th birthday celebration and have your JimdoPage and story showcased at the end of this month in the blog with others from around the world, start writing! Fill out the contact form below and send your stories to us. We'll pick from the most exciting or impressive stories that we receive by February 15th, and we might send you a question or two as a follow-up.

We're looking forward to your stories, and we're really excited to see what you have to share with us!



We posted a few of your stories in this blog post. To submit stories in the future, send them to us here.






We Like It: Facebook Buttons for your JimdoPage

And boy do we really like it! It's too bad you can only click Facebook's "Like" button once -- if we could, we'd have worn it out already! :-) Jimdo's newest social tool is online: a Facebook element so that your Facebook friends and fans can "like" your JimdoPage, blog posts, photos, and anything else! That way, their friends can see it too, and you can benefit from some viral "oomph"!

Three Ways to "Like" It

1. The "Like" Button
If you want to add a "like" button to a page or a blog post, you can do it with this version. Visitors to your site will be able to click "like," and you can decide whether you want to just show names or also faces.

2. The "Like" Box
Do you have a Facebook Page for your fans? If you do, you can show how many fans you have on your JimdoPage now. Choose to show faces or not, to show your news posts -- it's up to you!

3. "Facepile" - Faces of your Fans
With the Facepile version, you can choose to show lots of smiling faces. Just enter the URL of your Facebook Page or the URL of your website, choose the number of rows to display, and enjoy the grins of your fans!


Our "Like" box is here on the right -- you can click to become a fan of Jimdo on Facebook, if you haven't already. That's how easy it'll be for your site's fans to join you on Facebook!


How do you get started?

Just log into your JimdoPage, then pick a blog post or a page on your site that you want to add the "like" button on. Then, click on the "+" element button to add the new Facebook feature, and off you go!

Let us know how it's working for you in the comments below -- and don't forget to "like" this blog post!