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Photo Contest: And the winner is...

The waiting is finally over, and after a month of voting, the Jimdo community has chosen the winner of the big Jimdo Photo contest!

You sent in over 8,000 photos, and this one is #1: the little ladybug! And now he's going to be a big star at Jimdo.

Sandy Truong (Belgium)
Sandy Truong (Belgium)

Ladybugs are known for bringing luck, and this one definitely brought lots of good luck for Sandy Truong! 36% of Jimdo users voted for this picture, catapulting it to 1st place! Sandy will receive a Nikon D60 SLR, two years of JimdoPro for free, a Gorillapod from Joby, and a Jimdo t-shirt!

Jimdo user myphotoworld (France)
Jimdo user myphotoworld (France)

This photo generated a wave of excitement... 23% of Jimdo voters chose this photo, putting it at 2nd place!
Jimdo user myphotoworld wins a copy of the Extreme Foto & Grafik Designer 2 software from Magix, one year of JimdoPro, a Jimdo t-shirt, and a GorillaPod!

Jimdo user superfossi (Germany)
Jimdo user superfossi (Germany)

The Jimdo user community voted for this street art scene up to 3rd place! The photo is definitely just as colorful and diverse as the Jimdo community!
The third place prize (Magix photo software package to make great photographs even better, and a Jimdo t-shirt) goes to Jimdo user Superfossi!

Congratulations to the three winners!

If you submitted a photo and didn't make it to the top 3, there's good news for you too! We're going to raffle off the remaining prizes (photo software from Magix, GorillaPods from Joby, and Jimdo t-shirts) among all of the participants.

The winners will hear from us by email.
30 photos made it into the final round for the public voting. That's already a huge accomplishment, since we received over 8000 images from you. We'll be adding the "top 30" into the Jimdo photo gallery soon, and then Jimdo users all over the world will be able to use them in their headers. We're looking forward to seeing these beautiful new headers gracing the tops of your Jimdo pages!

Another big thank you from all of us at Jimdo to all the participants who submitted such fantastic photos and shared such great stories about your pictures.