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Jimdo expands its reach to China

We're really excited to announce the official launch of our Chinese version

Jimdo has had a large number of Chinese-speaking users from the very beginning, but, unfortunately, they have had to rely on our English-language version. We are now really pleased to have eliminated this language barrier with our Chinese version. We think it is a really great move to make Jimdo available in China. It's the first step in our strategy to further internationalize Jimdo (Pages to the People ;)).

Jimdo seems quite popular in China. In addition to our already existing users, we ran a closed beta of the Chinese version and opened up 500 Chinese JimdoFree-Pages. They were gone in less than 3.5 hours. We'd like to use this occasion to thank all of our testers for your great feedback and support!

In addition, we'd also like to thank our team of Chinese partners in Shanghai, the Asian branch of MH | direkt! These guys did a tremendous job adjusting Jimdo to the Chinese market, running the beta and translating Jimdo. In addition, they'll be responsible for further support and marketing! They are so organized and so professional - it's just been a real pleasure setting up the Chinese version with them. So a big thanks to these guys!

Now, we're really excited to see many many Chinese Jimdo-Pages! And make sure to send us your feedback (support@jimdo.com). If you've got a Chinese support question please send it to support@jimdo.net.cn.






Jimdo account settings enhanced

Jimdo already enables you to edit important information, like your e-mail address, password, language, screenshot, tags and website description directly through your Jimdo Account. (You can also upgrade to Jimdo-Pro on this page.)

There are two new changes to the Jimdo Account settings worth noting. First of all, the tags and website description settings will now be used to create meta tags (used by search engines to find and draw attention to your site).

Additionally, you can now keep track of your remaining Jimdo-Page memory on the settings page. (Jimdo-Free provides 500 MB and  Jimdo-Pro gives you 5 GB!).

If you have any questions or feedback about these enhancements (or anything else), send us an email anytime (support@jimdo.com). We always love to hear from you!