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Meet a Jimdo User - Pro Kitesurfer Sky Solbach

Fridtjof Detzner and Sky Solbach (click to enlarge)
Fridtjof Detzner and Sky Solbach (click to enlarge)

Last weekend Jimdo co-founder Fridel (http://www.fridel.de) happened to meet one of our favorite Jimdo users at the PKRA (Pro Kiteboard Riders Association) World Cup in St. Peter Ording, not too far from Jimdo's headquarters in Hamburg. There are Jimdo users all over the world, but it's awesome when we get to meet some of them passing through our own backyard. Especially someone like Sky, who has had his own JimdoPage for over two years!

As a pro kitesurfer, Sky competes all over the world in competitions -- he's was in Madagascar before Germany, and now he's off to the Canary Islands next. His JimdoPage's news section is full of pictures and videos from his past adventures. As if being a world-traveling athlete weren't enough, Sky also designs, develops, and tests kiteboards for North Kiteboarding.


Keep up with what Sky's doing by following him on Twitter: @SkySolbach


Here's a recent video Sky made with some shots from Oregon and Australia. Enjoy!






Button Contest: And the winners are…

After two weeks of frenzied voting, surprises, reversals, and excitement, we finally have the names of the winners of the Jimdo Button Design! There were more than 7,400 votes and because of the way the votes fell, we have FOUR winners instead of three today! Each one of them got more than 500 votes, so we thought we'd declare them all winners!

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated in the button design contest -- the designers, the voters, all of you!

We promised to introduce the winners, so read on to find out more about these spectacular designers :)


Button 1 - Alper Uzak - Germany

My name is Alper, I am 18 years old and am in the 12th grade (soon 13th) at a technical school specializing in computer science. In school I don't have a lot of opportunities to practice design, but I am very creative. I use Photoshop and I like to take photographs. Mostly I make or take "crazy" pictures that you can see on my JimdoPage. Often I make photo montages or other unusual images. My pictures either say something about me or they're just silly and a little bizarre -- but you can judge for yourself on my JimdoPage.

The idea for the button come from an idea out of my school for computer science, where I learned that computers run with 1s and 0s -- and so does the internet. I thought I could use that.


You can see more of Alper's work on at his site: http://freak92.jimdo.com


Congratulations Alper!

Button 46 - Giorgio Guidi - Italy


Hi everyone! My name is Giorgio Guidi. I'm a young designer, but I already have a lot of experience. While at university… I like three dimensional modeling and rendering, and I'm interested in working with design and architecture studios. In the last few years, I've worked a lot with graphic design, making flyers, posters, and volunteered for AIDO (Italian Association for Organ Donors).

On my website you can see all the services I offer: product design, virtual modeling of objects and architecture, rendering, business card design, flyers, catalogs, and more. It won't be long until my e-shop is up and running on Jimdo. My site also has a blog, with interesting articles for about design.


More about Giorgio and his work: www.giorgioguididesign.com


Congratulations Giorgio!

Button 38 - Elena Salmistraro - Italy

A fashion and product designer, Elena graduated in 2008 from the Polytechnikum in Milan. Elena's interests range from fashion design to product design, and her work is particularly conscious of environmental sustainability. Elena's design philosophy is grounded in the organic world, fluid, sinuous, but sometimes edgy, but tied to natural ecosystems. Playing with form and volume brings artisanry to the world of industrial design and architecture. She maintains a poetic yet functional design language, creating a "harmony of shapes based on lightness and delicate tones." Devoted foremost to the design of objects, she also works in other areas like art, graphic design, drawing, or even a line of personalized t-shirts."


For more of Elena's work, visit her website:



Congratulations, Elena!

Button 4 - Damien Vivo - France

Hello, my name is Damien. I'm 16 years old and still in school in Lyon. I love modern cars and video games! Around the end of 2009 / beginning of 2010 I got started with graphic design, and I enjoy it a lot! That's also the reason I started creating my JimdoPage -- in order to show my photo galleries. Speaking of my Jimdo site, you can visit it here: http://didam-graphisme.jimdo.com - leave a comment if you like!  I'm working on a set of tutorials about graphics and designs for beginners as well as advanced people. It's coming soon -- after the summer holidays!


Learn more about Damien on this Jimdo site:



Congratulations, Damien!






New: Update Twitter from your JimdoPage

For fans of the world's hottest microblogging system: starting now you can link your JimdoPage with Twitter so that you can tweet out updates about your website! If you've published a new blog post you want to share, just click on the "Messages" tab on the right. You can tweet directly from there to your followers on Twitter. Pretty convenient, right?

You just need to connect your accounts once, everything is automatic after that! No need to switch between your JimdoPage and Twitter account. :) Just follow along in the screenshots below. You'll have it set up in no time!


Don't have a Twitter account yet? Sign up free at Twitter to join in the fun!
You've got a Twitter account, but not getting updates about Jimdo? Quick, follow @Jimdo :)

1. Click on Messages, then on Link with Twitter now

2. Enter your Twitter username and password

3. Allow Jimdo to link to your Twitter account

4. Done! You can start tweeting now from Jimdo






Buttons to the People Contest - Voting has started

Well, that was it! The button design contest submission period is over. Over the last month, we got so many awesome designs from alll of you! Now YOU have to help us decide which of them are the best.


We got more than 150 button designs from all corners of the globe. Thank you so much for sending in your ideas. There were so many great ones that we had a heck of a time trying to narrow them down to the top 50 for you to vote on.


But now you've got the hardest part: you have to help choose three of these designs to be the contest winners! We know, it's not easy -- but you can do it!

The Rules:
You can vote for three button designs
The voting lasts for 2 weeks until July 15, 2010 at 11:59pm
View all the different designs by clicking on them. Each design has a number -- make a note of your top 3 and check them off in the voting widget.