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And the winners are...

Finally! After a week of voting, we're finally ready to announce winning videos from all the funny, clever, smart, and just plain awesome entries for the Jimdo Video Contest!


You really showed us, what you love about Jimdo -- thank you! In the last week, you've all had the opportunity to vote for your favorite videos. The Jimdo jury has also made its decision for 1st place.


Drumroll, please! Without further ado, here are the winners!

If your video didn't make it into the top 25: chin up! With so many great submissions, it was really hard for us to narrow it down. And even if you didn't win anything this time around, we're still planning on showing a few more videos here in the blog -- so you might find yourself on display here!


One more huge thank you to everyone! We loved the videos you sent us, we love that so many of you voted, and it was a lot of fun for the Jimdo team -- we hope it was for you too!


(and a final note: thank you to Camtasia for supporting the contest!)







Jimdo Video Contest - Voting has started!

Dear video connoisseurs, we hear what you think! Over the last two weeks since the submission deadline for the video contest, the Jimdo jury has been hard at work going through all the video entries. One thing's for sure: we're astounded by the diversity and quality of your ideas. It's really amazing, and we'd like to thank everyone who submitted a video. You made us laugh and really surprised us!

Source: flickr, see below
Source: flickr, see below

So it's your turn now! The Jimdo jury has already deliberated and decided on the 1st place video (see above). You'll find out what it is on July 25th, when we unveil the results of the vote here in the blog. For 2nd through 25th place, it's up to you to decide. 


How to Vote

  • Here are all the videos for you to vote on
  • Yes, there's quite a few, but it's worth it to take a look :) We've also written a short description for you next to the video. To vote, just go to the bottom of the page, pick your favorite video, and click "vote"!
  • Thanks for voting! All will be revealed on July 25th, and of course, we'll keep you posted on any other developments here in the Jimdo blog.


Enjoy! And don't forget to tell your friends that they can vote on their favorite video.


Image Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nationaalarchief/3490161819/






Jimdo Spotlight: Action Flipbooks

Just in time for Jimdo's USA launch party, we discovered Action Flipbooks! Matthew Strong and his company were just what we needed to liven up the Jimdo party. Not only is he a passionate Jimdo user, San Francisco happens to be one of the areas that they operate in.


In addition to encouraging us to get a little silly in front of the camera, everyone went home with their personal souvenir to remember the night by. In between making silly faces and dancing, we found a moment to ask Matthew a few questions for this in-person spotlight.


And don't forget to check out the video compilation of all the Jimdo party flipbook clips at the bottom!

Tell us about your experience at the Jimdo launch party?

Right off the bat we felt right at home.  The Jimdo team is truly the most friendly, outgoing, fun and sincere group we've had the honor to provide entertainment for.


What were some of the reactions that attendees had to the whole flipbook experience?

Some of the reactions included, surprise, disbelief and astonishment! 


Photo by Yan Budman
Photo by Yan Budman

What do you think it is about flipbooks that gets the photo phobic hamming it up in front of the camera?

I'm no fan of getting photos either.  And sometimes people see the studio the avoid it like the plague, but then they see it's actually an old school animated video, who can resist right? 


What's the oddest 7-seconds of flipbook mayhem that you've witnessed?

Jumping into a pool? Being chased by a cable car? Dancing with a Smurf?  The never-ending conga line? 50 guests in one book?  People falling through the backdrop, you see a lot, you never know what to expect, but the best part is, it's caught on camera!


Would you like to be in our next Jimdo User Spotlight? Leave us a note in the comments!






Fast Food Hackathon - Snack on these Updates

You're probably asking yourself, what's a hackathon? Hackathons are awesome! As you might guess, it comes programmer and hacker slang, and it just means a bunch of developers getting together and focusing on a few ideas or projects over the period of a few days. It's the combination of "hacking" and a "marathon". If you want to find out more, check out the Wikipedia entry on hackathons.


At Jimdo, this is how a hackathon works:

We collect suggestions from our users (from you!), small bugs turning up in the system, and our own ideas. When we set the dates for a hackathon, we decide together what gets implemented. Most of the time, we pick small, concrete ideas that can be done quickly (as opposed to the myriad requests for online store features which can't be resolved in a hackathon, as it turns out).


Before we introduce the latest updates we made to Jimdo in the last hackathon, take a look behind the scenes with our tongue-in-cheek hackathon video:


New Features and Improvements

  • Heading 3 has been activated for all users!

Starting today, you can use three different heading styles on your JimdoPages. It's another way to make your site look great and to highlight different sections, plus it's helpful for search engines. On that note, make sure you use heading 1 just once (the most important one), and then use heading 2 and 3 for the rest.

  • Use Italics in Headings

In all headings (1, 2, and now 3!) you can now choose italicizing as one of the style options. We got this request a lot, and now you can do it! Set your headlines, headings, and titles in italics, go for it!

  • Deleting? Know what you're getting rid of! 

This has probably happened to you once or twice! You're deleting elements on your JimdoPage, and before you know it you've accidentally deleted the wrong one! To help you make sure this doesn't happen, we've set up small warning -- the element you're deleting will get a red frame or background in addition to the regular pop-up asking if you really want to delete it. You'll be able to see exactly what element you're deleting, and decide "Yes, delete" or "No, don't delete!" :)

  • Linking from Image Galleries

Yikes! We're a little embarrassed about this... looks like we forgot the "remove link" button in the image galleries! Now that we've caught that omission, the button's in the interface right now. You can now remove -- as you should -- links as easily as you add them.

  • Search engines rejoice! Canonical URL Tags now automatically included for each page.

Ready, aim, oops! Canonical URLs don't have anything to do with canons. They're a search engine optimization. It means that by declaring what the official (canonical) URL for a page is, you can avoid being dinged for duplicate content by search engines.


How would your website have duplicate content? I a page is accessible via multiple URLs -- with or without www at the beginning; through tracking campaigns you're running; with a final / or not; etc. -- search engines see these as different pages. Now JimdoPages declare their canonical URL, so you don't have to worry about duplicate content!


Interested in learning more? Read up about canonical URL tags on SEOMoz.


Blog post by Powen Shiah (US Country Manager)

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Add a Google +1 button

Google +1

Since the Google +1 button was for released for websites, we've had an influx of Jimdo users asking about how to integrate it on their JimdoPages!


Don't know what the Google +1 button is?


The Google +1 button allows your site to be recommended by visitors to their friends. So if someone comes to your JimdoPage and they like it, they can "+1" it. The cool part is that when this visitor's friends search on Google, if your site appears in their search results, it will have an annotation that the first visitor +1'd it.


Try it here!

Because +1'ing a site is basically a recommendation to others, adding a Google +1 button can be crucial in having your site stand out in the thousands, or even millions, of sites across search results.  You can think of it as a virtual, "word of mouth" recommendation.


How to Add a +1 Button to Your JimdoPage

Your next question is probably, "How do I put this on my JimdoPage?"


Here are some easy steps for you to follow:

1. Copy this code

2. Open up a "Widget/HTML" element on the area of your site where you want to add your +1 button.

3. Paste the code in the text area - don't forget to save!

Google +1 button code

All done!  Your site is ready to be recommended by visitors to their own friends!

Google +1 button shown on site

And just in case you can't see it when you save, refresh your browser and you should be all good to go.

Extra tips!

For those of you who want to customize your +1 button, you can also replace the word "medium" in the code on step 1 with:





And if you want to keep reading on about this cool new feature, you can visit Google's introduction to the +1 button.


If you're a true programming ninja, you can also check out Google's complete api documentation and more on how to add the +1 button to your site and some FAQs.

Already using Google Analytics to track activity  on your JimdoPage?  You can also use Google Analytics to track the +1 button on your site!


Blog post by William Molina (Email Support Geek)

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